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Monetizing The Website and Blogs To Improve The Advertisement Earning

You can have your own website for practically low costs these days, and that to within a few hours. There are millions of bloggers who share their expertise or experiences with text, images, and video. However, very few of them actually manage to monetize their incoming traffic.

In many cases, this is not because they don’t have good content. It is because they don’t market themselves the right way. The best way to improve the advertisement revenues on your blogs is by monetizing it smartly, which is by understanding the pulse and psychology of the people visiting you. In this article we will look at various factors that can help you improve your online advertisement earnings.

Monetizing The Website and Blogs To Improve The Advertisement Earning

Selling Yourself

One of the ways you can make money from your website or blog is to sell your expertise.

  • If you write on a particular topic and you have an avid readership (a few hundreds to thousands), people will love to pay you to get some of that expertise from you. You could offer coaching services for a fee. There is always a market for expertise, as long as you approach the right targeted people.
  • If you have been writing on the topic for many years and sharing videos and pictures, you can write an eBook on the subject. People will find your insights interesting. You can learn to become a good writer with a bit of online research.
  • If you really believe that your readers value your blog content very much, you can start a new subscription service where people pay a monthly fee to access certain expert insights. You do not need to make everything as paid. Most of your blogs will still be free for readers.

Remember that all this starts with you offering readers with something useful for free. You need to earn the trust of your readers by consistently writing good quality blogs with genuine information.

Affiliate Advertising

Advertising is how most bloggers and website owners make their money. It is actually a very viable choice. However, you should choose carefully who you advertise. Here are some ways you can earn money through affiliate advertising:

  • You can review products and post affiliate links to them on your blog. Every sale you generate from your blog will earn you some money. If you have decent incoming traffic, then it adds another stream to your income.
  • Make sure that you write good, genuine reviews. Simply praising product after product, will not earn you any credibility. Your readers are smart enough to understand a bad review.
  • In affiliate programs like Amazon, you don’t even need to review books or products. Simply posting links at the relevant places will earn you some clicks.
  • Google Adsense is the most popular ad serving program on the internet. Google places links on your blog where views and clicks earn you points, which correlate to various amounts of money depending on the popularity of keywords.

About Bounce Rates

Many blogs have good quality content, and they have affiliate links and products to sell. But they often don’t get the results because of high bounce rates. This happens when people land on your page only to find out that it does not have what they want to read. Take a look at this article for more details about how bounce rate can help improve earnings. Make sure that your incoming traffic is coming through the right keywords on search engines, so people will stay on your site after they land.

Monetizing your website is not a boom or bust process. You will need to steadily build your audience and adopt the right strategies. It may take months for you to get off the ground, but once you have a proper advertising and selling strategy, you will start earning a lot of money from your website.

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  • Jul 13, 2013
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