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Modern Web Design & Development Trends In The World Of Website Builders

  • Sep 17, 2013
  • Subash
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There’s no second chance to make a first impression. This is especially applicable when it comes to your website design. Following modern trends in web design and development is crucial for running a successful, eye-pleasing and multi-functional website.

Mistakenly, many people believe that creating and maintaining a modern, professionally-looking website will cost them a fortune. Wrong :). Modern website builders continually improve their systems to provide their customers with the most top-notch web design & development solutions. Furthermore, these web services are ridiculously affordable: $0 – $10/mo on average. So, in this article I’m going to dwell upon the most popular web design tendencies in 2013 in the world of website builders.


Simple is beautiful. Simple websites let your visitors relax and get a great user experience. The benefits of simple websites are obvious:

  • They are easier to navigate.
  • They load faster.
  • They are quicker to build and easier to maintain and edit.
  • Simple source code is easier to debug.

But what’s more important, simple websites let their content take center stage, as their visitors are never distracted by tons of sophisticated decorative elements.

In the market of website builders, Webydo seems to follow this modern web design tendency better than anyone else. Their homepage is simplicity at its finest: a lot of white space, dominating black-and-white palette, user-friendly navigation, just to name a few aspects of their design. This website builder is also very simple ‘inside’: it’s powered by a patent-pending code generator that automatically converts your website design into a valid W3C code.

 Modern Web Design & Development Trends In The World Of Website Builders

Infinite Scrolling

This is another web design trend that has taken the web by storm. It was introduced by the popular social networks. Infinite scrolling allows your website’s content load continuously without having to reload the page. The content appears as you scroll the page down. At first, implementing this web design option may seem to be a laborious task. However, the task can be accomplished in mere minutes in case your website is built on uCoz.

uCoz website builder was launched 7 years ago. Ever since the platform creation, its advanced users have written thousands of extra handy extensions tailored specially for uCoz-powered websites. There is also an Infinite Scrolling extension, among others. All you need is to copy the code and insert into your page. uCoz allows you to utilize your own codes even within their free plan.

 Modern Web Design & Development Trends In The World Of Website Builders

Flat Design

Flat user interface has been one of the most debated trends this year. Flat design implies no gradients or shadows, beautiful typography, simple elements and strong focus on colors. While many love this tendency for its simplicity and cleanliness, others find flat design boring. Anyway, flat UI is one of the most talked about trends.

In the world of website builders, flat design is winningly employed by Madefreshly ecommerce website builder. This web service is a lightweight site constructor enabling even the novice to launch full-fledged webstores with ultimate ease. This site maker has an absolutely free plan allowing you to display and sell up to 10 items with $0 investment. In order to unlock more advanced features, you have to upgrade your account.

 Modern Web Design & Development Trends In The World Of Website Builders

Responsive Design

If you’re about to set up a website without a baked-in mobile-compatible version, you’re going to disappoint a lot of users. These days, the number of people using their mobile devices for browsing is rapidly growing. It was estimated that mobile users will soon outnumber desktop visitors. This is to say that not having a mobile-compatible website can be a debacle.

Luckily, there are places where you can get a mobile-friendly version of your website without lifting a finger. One of these places is MotoCMS website builder. It offers a great selection of Flash and HTML templates that have built-in mobile versions. What’s more, these can be customized, if needed. The most amazing thing about their Flash templates is that they’re SEO-friendly, since they come with an HTML duplicate.

 Modern Web Design & Development Trends In The World Of Website Builders

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