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November 10th, 2015
Modern Technology Advantages


Modern Technology Advantages

There is no denying the fact that technology has and will continue to impact our daily lives and even some of the paradigms of existence through which we go about making decisions. As with most technological advancements, the internet is a tool – a very powerful one. And the way in which we choose to use it is a definition of what meaning we choose to attach to our lives.

Part of the negative impact of the internet is “too much information”. We are inundated with real-time coverage of horrific events, facts versus opinions, countless alternative scenarios of the past, present and future. All of this sometimes translates down to just mindless noise. The flip side of this access to information is the number of connections made possible between people from all around the globe which has led to more awareness on global issues and a stronger sense of humanity and compassion.

 Modern Technology Advantages

Social Connections

The internet has made it possible for us to communicate with friends and loved ones and share our lives with them on an unparalleled level. Consider social networking sites like Facebook. While there is criticism as to how updating statuses on trivial details has become an addiction that takes us away from real life interaction, there is also the outreach of support available in lives which are becoming isolated from tough economic conditions, and the race to make ends meet. A person on the other side of the globe has emerged from a vague notion to a real live being with feelings, emotions and issues which are different from our own. This has created an avenue of social support that was otherwise not accessible to a large part of the earth’s population. No longer are we reliant on TV coverage which may be biased from a political sense. We have the access to information to make up our own minds and hear directly from the source.

Education and Professional Development

Distance learning programs and collaborative efforts by institutes all around the globe has made it a possibility to continue to improve on skills without affecting other aspects of your life like kids, multiple jobs and finances. There are websites like Coursera where you can take courses on anything from PHP development to accounting for free.  Research papers, reference books and countless other sources of information are available for staying up to date on the advancements in your line of work. It is also possible to communicate with and learn from experts in the field halfway around the world for free or at a fraction of the cost of such exchanges in the past.

Variable Streams of Income

Let’s talk money! In the past we were limited to traditional sources of income. Work involved physical presence which was not possible for some members of society like mothers and disabled persons. Also, people without professional accreditation (degrees, diplomas, etc.) were always at a distinct disadvantage. The avenues and resources made available through the internet make it possible for anyone with the requisite mindset to make money within the limitations of their personal lives. Tutoring through Skype, freelancing on UpWorkor and even gambling websites like Mansion Casino – one of the largest operating online casinos in the world that allow you to play for money, are just a few examples of adding an additional source of income to your life. For example,you can even multiple the hard earned money and if you have a strategy, take your chance and play online blackjack or roulette.  Playing online is easy!

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