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Mobile Applications Development

With availability of a number of mobile platform development options – such as Android, Java, BREW etc., the mobile application development is gaining immense popularity nowadays. Exactly like the facilities available in PCs, hi-tech mobile phones of the recent era have versatile and infinite technical possibilities like advanced memory, several incredible multimedia support, improved bandwidth and processing power which make them one of the excellent counterparts of humans.

Mobile application development is becoming one of the most powerful tools for a developer to make the world even more compact than what it has already been compressed into. By just a button press or a touch on the phone screen can get you whatever you want, no matter where you are. Other than the basic phone feature, it can make us cry and laugh through instant messaging, guide us to our path via GPS navigation services, fulfil our business needs via email configuration, do social networking through Facebook or Twitter etc., share different stuff through file sharing using Bluetooth, you can listen and even make videos and music through media applications, develop and play incredible games via mobile games development and what not.

Mobile Applications Development

In addition to the compact size which makes smartphones a friendly and handy component, today’s mobile application development support a number of features which help us to enjoy communication along with enhanced facilities including GPRS technology, advanced satellite navigation, music facilities, live video conferencing and so on. As part of mobile application development, one can also watch TV and listen to your favourite music on mobiles anywhere and anytime. It is still in the journey of exploiting more technologically favoured features which offer endless opportunities and versatile applications for everyone with the urge to move with time.

With the support of innovative mobile application software like Symbian and Windows operating system and bulk messaging application software which supports Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and short messaging service (SMS) mobile phones are not very far from the technologies integrated in personal computers nowadays. Moreover, with the help of latest application software, it is very easy to build-up advanced GUI mobile application which helps in providing different enhanced internet services via mobile. With these distributed network, it is actually possible to create and allocate essential and useful data from anywhere in the world. With the help of the software for messaging, thousands of messages can be exchanged without much expense and that too in seconds.

Bluetooth application development is another advanced mobile application found in the high end mobiles. It provides speed delivery of data and high range local network. Personal digital assistants are also an enhanced mobile application which helps store information in the mobile like contact number and appointment with the help of efficient PDA software, which further helps in completing data entry works and managing business regardless of the location.

Mobile applications development is done on many platforms like IOS, Googles’ android, Blackberry, Windows phone 7, Symbian, MeeGo/Maemo, Java ME, Air/Flash Lite, BREW, BREW MP, Samsung BADA and WebOS etc. Apple’s app-store is offering more than three lakhs mobile applications. As far as the cost factor is concerned, all depends on the mobile applications you are interested in. They cost from as low as $.99 to $6, along with trial versions of such apps for free. There is a bunch of very useful apps that are available free in the market, for example Google voice, Skype, Word press, AppMiner, I-Books, Facebook, Find my phone, Pandora-radio etc can be downloaded free of cost. The usability of these applications does speak for their monitory aspect, which is making us buy them, to make us live a comfortable and better life. Android’s best feature is that it uses the open source java as it’s development medium, that is attracting developers with any development background to go for it. It decreases any kind of dependency to develop its applications where as i-OS development is done in MAC environment only.

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The author of this article is a mobile application developer with experience and expertise in designing and developing applications for Android, iPhone, Windows and blackberry. He is working with Aegis and mobi-people, an IT organization dealing with Mobile apps development company Germany and Mobile Application Development India.

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