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Magento Philosophy Empowering New Innovators

  • Oct 8, 2013
  • Leo Preston
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When there is a time to learn something new about e-commerce, it is impossible to have that discussion without bringing up magento. It’s been around for five years now, and it is only growing stronger, moving in tune with the changing times and helping e-commerce owners everywhere find the best way to sell their products and services through attractive, well-designed websites that are easy to run and manage.

Magento Philosophy Empowering New Innovators

Magento has made easy of use and automation its philosophy and small business can easily begin their journey with the big sharks by starting an online platform without having the millions to back them up. it begins with hosting and support and the front end is customized design for the modern users who want to feel welcome whenever they visit an ecommerce store. The design should always reflect the spirit of the business, the brand and what it stands for, and Magento helps entrepreneurs use that feature to the most. The best part is there is no special skills in design needed, and everyone knows that many startups are often stifled by lack of funds, so this really opens up a lot of possibilities for a lot of brave and innovative people. Another great feature of the store is that you can buy different features that you need and add them on as you go and grow, which really helps you be flexible and use scalability as a strong point. If you need to add something you can simply buy that package and gradually perfect the store as more money comes in and you can afford it. This is a great path to take and it is important to never stop growing and always move up with the ideas that you already have.

Being friendly in the search engines is very vital nowadays and of course Magento hasn’t skipped this step and is helping new business players find their way in the search engines despite all the competition from the copywriting houses and SEO gurus out there. You don’t have to be an expert to use any of the products they offer, and that’s the beauty of it because nobody wants to be bogged down by technical stuff unless they are a developer or programmer, and that’s not something that you came into ecommerce for. You came to make money and nothing should distract you from nailing it on the head. Creating buzz and raising awareness of deals and promotions is something that should always be automated as well. Magento offers several tools for creating coupons, sales labels, gift cards and banners which helps store owners to build stronger relationships with the audience they cater for. Helping customers shop and pushing products they may like on them is the latest trend in ecommerce and you can use Magento products for making it happen at your store too. Keeping ahead of the game and staying current is what you can easily do with Magento.

Mike Bolton for Amasty which develops navigation magento extension for their clients