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Mac Vs. PC: Which Is Best For You?

Remember those Mac vs. PC commercials from a few years ago?  Well, it may have been a marketing gimmick, but it did raise a good point of the difference between Macs and PCs.  There are plenty of differences between the two types of computers and you should research which one fits your sensibilities more before you run off and buy one.  The operating systems and applications, the ability to sync with other devices, and the difference between Apple repair and PC repair are things that need to be taken in to consideration before you buy.

Operating System and Applications

The main difference in both computers is the operating systems both run and the applications that go along with them.  For example, Mac’s operating system comes with the iLife application suite, which includes programs such as iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Band.  These are each innovative tools that continue Mac’s long tradition of superb support for creative arts.  As for PC, most computers come standard with the Microsoft Office package, which is focused on the business side of computer use.  Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are just a few programs that are common on a Windows based system.  For the gamer in the family, more games are available on the PC, so if that is a selling point, it should be taken into account.  One advantage the Mac carries is that, through third party programs, you can run Windows on your Mac.  The same cannot be said for the reverse.

Syncing with Other Devices

Nowadays, it seems like everybody has an iPod, iPhone, and iPad.  While these products are fully functional and can be synced with any computer, there are some advantages to having a Mac with these other devices.  One of the biggest advantages to having a Mac-based computer is that you can have all your information on all your devices synced to iCloud; this allows you to access any of that information from each of the devices.  For Macs, the syncing can be done almost automatically and with ease.


When you have a problem with either computer, the process is just about the same.  Apple repair and Windows repair can each be done by computer repair places.  Rather than going to the Apple Store or a Best Buy, which can charge premium prices for their services, look into any local computer repair places as they might have better deals.  One difference, however, between Mac and PC laptops is the type of battery each has.  Most PCs have detachable batteries that can be easily replaced, while Mac computers tend to have batteries built into the computer.

Whatever you choose to buy, make sure it is an informed decision.  You don’t want any surprises after the fact.

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