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Let Your Kids Get Acquainted With The Boating Accessories

The onset of civilisation revolved around the learning of different objects and acts right from fire making, boating etc. Taking a look back to your childhood, you get to realise that every child begins with the same sort of learning that our ancestors used to do. However, the basic difference here is that today, you have many instruments and the learning to your side that you pass on to your kids. Feilun FT011 and the boat toys can be treated as those instruments that can truly complement your kids’ learning. Simultaneously, those will help your kids get acquainted with the real world stuff easily at a later stage.

While your kids playing with the boat toys, they get to know about the different functions of the boating and how to use those functions to take the boat forward. As a matter of fact, such boating games help to develop your kids’ brain and simultaneously, they learn how to manage a crisis. For instance, your kids get to learn how to avoid a collision and toppling of the boat while moving to a direction. So goes with the Feilun range of boats where kids learn fast.

Let Your Kids Get Acquainted With The Boating Accessories

However, the best part of playing with these items is that kids learn about the real stuff in a demo environment that complements their learning. This, in turn, enhances their ability to listen and visualise stuff. In other words, such an activity improves their balancing act between listening, observing, and repeating the act taking every possible precaution. On the flip side, these toys improve the power of creativity in your kids beyond doubts.

Key features of the Feilun FT011 and the boat toys:

  • Feilun FT011is a stable looking high-speed RC boat. It can pick up a speed of 55km per hour with its brushless motor. On the flip side, boat toys are simple boats that are fitted with wheels at the pedestal for the toddlers to play around at home. This, in other words, means the Feilun range of boats is meant for relatively the older kids and the toy boats are for the toddlers aged around 24 months and above.
  • With the 2.4GHz frequency and its sleek design, Feilun boats can reach a distance of 100-150m. These boats are powered by 2200mAh battery. The playing time with these boats can stretch up to 5-6 minutes. However, toy boats do not run on battery. Instead, your toddler can enjoy playing with the toy boats all over free space at your home. The toy boats weigh around 386g each. It means your toddler is safe with these toy boats even if such a boat slips your toddler’s hand.
  • Bright colours of the toy boats attract the kids best. They love playing for hours with it. Feilun FT011is a 65cm giant size boat.  

On the whole, you will find both the boats interesting depending on the age of your kids. You too can enjoy some fun games with these boats and reminisce your childhood days!a

  • Jul 12, 2017
  • Ryan
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