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Latest Technologies For Boosting Web Development Services

  • Aug 24, 2013
  • Subash
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The Web, also known as the internet, has increasingly become so important that it is hard to live without. Most work has become much easier and more convenient. The web is a round-the-clock entity, hence the most beneficial platform for doing business across the world. People can interact and do business anywhere at any time. However, as population grows and web users increase in numbers, the internet experiences “traffic jams” that can delay data movement. Internet developers must continuously upgrade and come up with new versions of web development services that can handle the congestion, by offering faster and more efficient flow of communication bundles.

Latest Technologies For Boosting Web Development Services

Cascading Style Sheet 3(CSS3)

This is an upgraded version of the old CSS. The old Cascading Style Sheet is also functional to some degree. However, with the increasing number of web users, the old CSS began to experience some limitations. The new CSS3 edition is comprised of major additional features that are more user-friendly and facilitate freer editing of opacity for various web pages. In contrast to the old CSS, one additional feature that the new CSS3 has is round shapes that are in every corner of the web page. These round shapes are also found in the border radius with fantastic display in colors and box shadows. This new technology allows the internet user to check transparency in many more web browsers. The old CSS was restricted to only some internet browsers.

The Quick Response Code (QRC)

This is a new and advanced web technology that is faster and more effective. Many internet developers nowadays prefer to use the QRC in mobile phone software applications. The QRC has a URL and the name of the business. It also has additional data that can be tailored to display specific things according to the work or business requirements. The advantage of QRC is that it has vast information with little physical effort, and it’s faster to execute tasks. This is why most business people online use the QRC to carry out their transactions.  The QRC looks like a bar code that can be scanned using the mobile QRC and get all the necessary data that you want in your product or business, and do so without much difficulty.

HTML5 Series

Internet developers that linked and created web pages using web design software, such as Dreamweaver, have now developed the more advanced HTML5 series. Much web development technology has seen a trend shift from Macromedia Flash to the more powerful HTML5. This is because Macromedia Flash is hard to implement, though it can also perform the work of HTML5. Flash tends to multiply the loading time on the web; hence a user waits longer before getting relevant data to his business. This wastes time, which is not a good idea in ecommerce, because clients can opt for another solution provider. Some search engines, like Google, cannot perform well with internet sites that take a longer time to execute or load. Something that Flash could not execute well on mobile phones applications was the display. HTML5 changed this for the better.

The Live-Streaming Effect

This is a new web technology used by many traders to make their companies extra powerful. Live streaming is used by internet developers to link businesses to clientele on media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and many others. This has made communication between friends and family members more comfortable, reliable, and above all, instant. You can chat with your friends from all corners of the world as if he or she is in the next room.

The internet acts as a superhighway of information running to and fro in every direction. For a business to transact well, without any delay, it is good to make sure the web is clog-free and data can flow easily. Many developers have not realized these new web developments in the marketplace, and still operate withhold and slow web technologies. It is good to visit software development firms online and get the latest web development tools for your business. This will increase efficiency and reduce time wasted. These new developments help you place and process customer orders faster and increase profitability. It will also help clients access your company information in a shorter amount of time.

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