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Joining the Chairman Emeritus Post, Richard Schulze Is Back Again

  • Mar 29, 2013
  • Rekha
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If you are associated with Best Buy, the leading electronic goods supplier in the United States, then there is a good new for you. Mr. Richard Schulze is coming back in the post of Chariman Emeritus of Best Buy. Two other personnel is joining along with Schulze, M. Al Lenzmeier and Brad Anderson. All will in the board of directors of Best Buy.

Mr. Schulze said that he feel good as the position of Best Buy is commanding. He admired the current CEO and president of Best Buy, Hubert Joly and shown respect for the his team that has worked hard to accomplish the success. He said that he will continue to serve the Best Buy like before and he will be more dedicated and more focused to the tasks to make the success of Best Buy more bigger. He said he will work hard with Hubert, current CEO to achieve good things.

Emeritus PostSchulze is joining back and has a aim to accelerate the company’s Renew Blue endeavors. In the 5 point plan of Hubert Joly, the major task is to cut down the input costs of the company. Working together Mr. Schulze and July will try to reduce company’s cost so that they can offer rebate to the customers. They will also concentrate to raise their service quality so that their customer get full satisfaction.

This is done to attract more and more customers and eventually to boost the revenue. Together they have a aim to make the earth a better living place by producing materials that can be easily recycled. In their plan they will hire vendors which will help them to produce more eco-friendly electronic goods in future.

Meanwhile the chairman of the company’s board of directors, Mr. Hatim Tyabji said that he has faith on Mr. Hubert and his management team, that they will work together to accomplish the Renew Blue. He shown confident and welcome Dick to his management team so to achieve the target set the board of members. He is confident that in future Best Buy will get progressed and these new joiners will help to speed up the progress.

Mr. Joly have shown confidence and excitement because he cited that in the presence of Mr Schulze, the Best Buy will achieve the new level of success. He is confident that Mr. Schulze will lead the company well to make sure that all the goals including cost reduction and enhancing customer satisfaction will be achieved on time.

Joly is very happy to have Mr. Dick Schulze back in the company. According to him, experience of Mr. Schulze will help the company’s employees to work well. He also said that he is also happy for Al and Brad that they have joined the board. According to him, these people are wonderful people having loads of experience will work toward the benefit of Best Buy and help the company to accomplish what they are aiming for.