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iPhone Accessories – Which Ones You Should Have?

iPhone 5 is finally launched and many people have ordered it online to receive it at their homes and try this latest innovation from one of the most innovative and revolutionizing companies of the world. According to experts in the field of smart phones and mobile devices, iPhone 5 has taken the iconic position in the Smartphone world and is no doubt one of the best Apple`s product to hit the market till date.

Thousands of people are buying iPhone 5 on daily basis around the globe and searching online for reviews. If you are one of those people that are looking to buy an iPhone 5 soon, and want to know what accessories you are expected to use with iPhone 5, than this article is for you. In this article we will list the accessories that you can use with this latest iPhone. So, here we go,

A new Lightning Connector: Many of the Apple`s fan were surprised to know that Apple is changing its iPhone adapters for good, and introducing a new kind of “Lightning” connector, which is perhaps the biggest advancement in iPhone 5 from all the previous versions. This change has created some problems for old iPhone users, as they are unable to use their old adapters with their new iPhone 5. But to solve this issue, a “Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter” is available for sale in the market to make sure that your old adapter is still useful with the latest iPhone 5.

Screen Protectors: Another surprise that Apple gave to its users in iPhone 5 is the introduction to a bigger 4 inch screen. This is bigger and much better than the previous iPhone versions. For this bigger and more delicate screen, you would definitely need to have a screen protector. This is luckily present in the box. There are various types of Screen protectors available in the market, including the ones that have a mirrored effect, along with simple screen guards, and privacy screen guards.

Case: As with any other model of iPhone 5, the hottest accessory that goes with an iPhone is the iPhone case. There are various types of iPhone cases available in the market. From heavy duty to stylish cases, you can find all sorts of cases in all different sizes. They help personalizing the look of your iPhone.

Speaker Docks: Speaker docks have got great popularity since the launch of iPhone 5. With the introduction of a new Dock connector port in the iPhone 5 has enticed most of the users to upgrade their docks to keep up with this latest technology. Audio devices manufacturers have also started integrating these iPhone 5 docks within their devices.

Headset and Bluetooth Kit: Talk about style or convenience Bluetooth kit provides the users with great comfort while talking on phone in the car, or doing anything that requires them to use both of their hands. If you have an old iPhone Bluetooth kit, it will work with iPhone 5 as well, so you won’t have to buy a new kit.

There are tons of accessories available for iPhone 5 but you have to find out your own requirements and necessities before making any purchases.

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