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Improvised Means Of Communication With Webcasting Solution

  • Jul 26, 2013
  • Alice Aires
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Improvised Means Of Communication With Webcasting SolutionAre you stuck in a myriad of questions as to how you should bring your newly launched product into the masses both efficiently and cost-effectively? There are multitudes of ways by which you can do it; however, one of the best solutions that have taken a footstep ahead along with technology is the webcasting solution. It is the newest form of modernization, technological advancement and effective presentation tool which is designed for any business or personal use.


What is a Webcast?

A webcast is a broadcasting video or an audio media file that is transmitted and streamed through the web, either on live or even on demand. This advanced technology comprises of elements like the streaming media, a webcam and the super push technology.

Features of a Webcast

This unique and innovative tool has a pool of benefits and features for any business or even personal requirement. However, one of the outstanding features is its ability to carry out a live interaction using the chat function. Now isn’t that something really cool? From live break-out sessions to real time polling – survey and website displays to staff meetings, research meetings, employee training and development, there are many functions that can be easily carried out by using the webcasting tool. Businesses can also create and track reports and the number of participants, keep a check on the geographical and demographic diversification and also evaluate the content on webcast.

There are multiple webcasting programs which can be used by different businesses based on their needs like the audio streaming format, the video streaming format, live webcast, online video viewing to name a few. Moreover, there are different add on features that one can avail with this programs.

This is basically a process where the media files in both audio and video format are transmitted to a large group of customers simultaneously. This can be done either on demand where old recorded files can be broadcasting again or even live where the current event is in the happening.

Unmatched Benefits of Webcasting

  • Businesses can reach out to the global audience effortlessly
  • There is no demographic or geographical boundary for the broadcasting
  • The webcasting tool is quite cost-effective in nature. Businesses can trim down their travel, food, accommodation, printing and other expenses very conveniently
  • Both audio and video broadcasts can be viewed from anywhere worldwide. All you need is an internet connection, no matter where ever the viewer is.
  • This is the most cost-effective way to create brand awareness for a cost-effective price when compared to the conventional methods of marketing and promotions like trade shows, events, print and electronic media, BTL and ATL marketing activities to name a few.
  • The webcasts can be archived and saved for future purposes and can be viewed at any time.
  • Businesses can concentrate on the sales improvement graph by creating a timely sales video.
  • One can create “webinars” very easily. It is best described as a seminar that is carried out on the web. It can be live or on demand.
  • Webinars can be amalgamated with varied e-learning happenings, cutting edge technologies and thereby helps to enhance one’s image.
  • The essence of webcasting is “knowledge transfer”. Hence, it is widely used in businesses, training and institutions as well and is regarded as a proficient tool that helps to transfer and improvise on one’s skill set, develop a good research, derive results, and also generate ideas.
  • Webcasting users are touted to be environmental friendly by means of reducing the use of paper, which was once upon a time a great source to training and research.
  • An enhanced leading edge image for the business
  • Business website can be optimized with webcasting to stream on-demand videos and presentations.

The webcasting tool is one of the best means and sources to convey a message to the masses without having to shell out huge from the pocket. This tool helps one to reach out to the target audience via the internet by only streaming the audio and video files. Whether is a meeting, corporate brainstorming session, launch of a new product, launch of a different line of business, marketing of the business products, all of these and much more can be carried out using this tool. And this is not all. This tool can be widely used for training purposes and also to archive the different training modules for future use. It not only helps to maintain one’s business costs but also adds immense value to the company’s image. This is the most happening and trend setting feature that has overtaken the traditional forms of marketing to a great extent.