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How Web Conferencing Can Change the Way You Present Your Business to Others

  • May 22, 2013
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Desktop Video ConferencingWeb conferencing is becoming the most popular way for communicating with distant people with the help of text, video, and audio. While a simple Web conferencing program uses instant messaging software to host textual discussion or share documents, the sophisticated ones facilitate exchange of visuals via streaming video service and webcam. Therefore, it can be concluded that Web conferencing often combines the different techniques of communicating over the Internet.

The Working of Web Conferencing

Generally, Web conferencing is used when a company needs to show a presentation or have some demos to share with the relevant people. In such an online meeting or presentation, there are, therefore, two parties involved: Moderator and attendees. While the moderator decides and fixes the date and time of the meeting, makes the agenda, and ensures that everything is set well before the meeting, the attendees view the presentation or collaborate as per the settings made. However, there is no scope of giving feedback and that the moderators are allowed to record the presentation for viewing it later. However, what the two parties during such an online meeting? Let’s explore this ahead!

The Features of Web Conferencing

With the help of a suitable Web conferencing program that is rich in features and capabilities, the moderator shares the complete presentation to those on the other side without getting a feeling of being virtual. While a few programs are all-inclusive, some come with the capability of merging with the business’ existing calendar, e-mail system, calendar, and other apps. For the attendees, Web conferencing programs allow viewing the presentation in their normal browser with or without any extra software installation.

Depending on the software, the participants can view presentations from PowerPoint, annotate images, transmit text or visuals to others through a webcam, and can hold interactive discussion sessions. The participants can also view information from the computer, share and edit documents, send public or private messages, or have audio chat.

Because a majority of such conferences take place on the World Wide Web, the available programs come with security options such as encryption. Therefore, a majority of programs need moderators and attendees to login with their credentials for accessing the meeting. An additional layer of security gets added when a firm opts to host the conferences on their own internal servers for restricting the data behind the firewall.

Technology in Demand for Web Conferencing

A firm can opt to either buy the conferencing software for meetings or implement a hosting service that offers the desired settings and features along with the server space. Irrespective of the way you choose, you need software for organizing the meeting and registering enough space and bandwidth for smooth execution. Most available software options encompass all the required tools for ensuring an interactive environment. Technologies that are used to make these tools are HTML, XML, Java scripts, flash animation, streaming media, and instant messaging. While many of these tools are totally Desktop oriented, a few of them are entirely Internet-based. Rest of the tools need a telephone system to share audio content with the clients. A typical online meeting will feature a computer, a telephone in case audio is not offered online, and an Internet connection. For adding more interactivity via online chats and video meeting, webcams, microphones, and video capture cards may be essential.

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