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How To Plan An Event In New York City

There’s a lot of competition for attention in New York City, and that’s why the event production for your next party, fundraiser, or product launch needs to be unique, effective, and, preferably, a little over the top. Choosing the right event planning company can make all of the difference when it comes to the quality of your event.

How To Plan An Event In New York City

Choosing an Event’s Theme

The best event-planning firm will understand what appeals to different groups of people. The focus of a Halloween party will be quite different from a product launch or an art gallery opening, and therefore the theme for each party, the drinks served, the services provided, and the attention to atmosphere will all need to be customized for your event.

When your guests walk into your event, what will be their first impression? Will they be delighted and fascinated by the event you’ve put together, or will they be disappointed? Planners with industry experience will be able to pinpoint what you need to make your event a memorable occasion for all of your guests.

Selecting an Event’s Design

Make no mistake; there is a lot to do in New York City. Many of your guests will have concerts, parties, and other events to attend that may compete with your own. Besides tailoring your event to your audience, an event planner will also help you think about designing invitations that will capture the interest of your guests and make them RSVP as soon as possible.

If you’re running a product launch or a gallery opening, tap into the network of your event planner to set up press releases, newspaper interviews, social media initiatives, or outreach to local bloggers. There’s a good chance you’ll be overwhelmed by publicizing your event, and a planner with expertise can remove that stress while ensuring that you’ve used every possible channel.

Providing Experienced Staff for an Event

While an event planner who can provide personal attention and guidance throughout the planning process will save you a lot of stress, don’t overlook the value of experienced waiters, bar tenders, and greeters. Competent staff will be attentive to your guests, solve potential problems before they happen, and keep each aspect of your event moving forward.

Find an Experienced Chef

The possibilities for a menu at an event are endless. You want to be daring and innovative, providing something unexpected and delightful while still giving your guests a fantastic meal. With so many directions to choose from, you need an event planner that can connect you with a top-notch chef who can customize a menu for you and your guests.

New Yorkers have also come to expect that top-notch events will include locally grown food, or at least local food that’s in season. You won’t be able to find that on your own, and that’s why working with a well-networked chef and event planner will save you a lot of time.

Nailing Down Event Logistics

On the night of the event, your planner should handle most of the details, but there are a few things that will be especially important to consider in New York City. For instance, check the traffic reports for the streets around your event’s location to be sure your guests can gain easy access. Post updates on your event page and social media profile if necessary.

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Also make sure your event is easily marked throughout the venue if there are other parties or meetings happening nearby. Lastly, make sure you can easily contact your event planner throughout the evening just in case any last second issues arise.

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  • Jul 19, 2013
  • Deeson Arnibal
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