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How To Pick A Domain Name For A Blog

With all the things to consider when starting a blog, choosing the perfect domain name should be at the top of the list. While you certainly have to think about web hosting, design and layout, picking your domain name is just as important. When choosing your domain name, a professional domain registration company can help guide you in the right direction, but it’s still important to do your research ahead of time and know which name is the best fit for you.


1. Keep it Simple

Choose a domain name that’s short, simple and to the point. While it’s okay to use a fun but reasonable play on words, it’s best to avoid any awkward intentional misspellings, difficult pronunciations, industry jargon or little-known slang. Avoid marks and punctuation that are difficult to remember like hyphens and underscores.

2. Be Original

You are the only blogger with your unique perspective. Use your personality and outlook on life to the fullest when choosing your blog’s subject and domain name. Don’t choose a name that’s a spin-off of someone else’s, a copycat idea or something that’s too close to a popular trademarked domain.

3. Be Found

Depending on the purpose of your blog, it might be wise to choose a domain name with one of your targeted keywords or something very close to your keywords. Even if you’re not necessarily building your blog to rank for a keyword, be sure to choose the best buzzwords that describe your blog. You can use your industry or niche buzzwords to create a name that’s memorable and brand-able.

4. Use a .com Domain

In almost every case, a .com domain is the best choice. Even though .com domains are the most popular and you might run into trouble finding one that’s not already taken, it’s still the best choice. Keep working with your buzzwords until you find the perfect combination that’s still available. While a .com extension should be your top choice, there are a few cases when another domain extension might work better for your particular blog. Depending on your blog’s purpose, a .org site might be a good fit, but these are generally reserved for non-profits and charities.

5. Be Memorable

Pick a name that’s memorable. A domain name that’s easy to remember has just a few short and simple, correctly spelled words. You want a domain that’s not only easy to remember and easy to type into a search bar but one that’s also memorable in and of itself. Choose words that flow together, use light alliteration, use a common suffix or prefix (like Spotify) or make your own compound word.

Picking the right domain name will serve as a reliable foundation for future growth. While you already have a lot to think about with getting your blog set up, you shouldn’t neglect choosing the perfect domain name. Keep it short and simple, include buzzwords, register under a .com extension and choose a clever name that’s as memorable as possible.

  • Jul 15, 2013
  • Josephbker
  • Internet