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How To Market Your Dentistry

When you are creating a social media strategy for a Sedation dentist based in San Francisco, there are six steps to which you should adhere.

Step 1: Get Ideal Clients

There is no point in marketing your company to everyone. You want to target those people who are likely going to visit a sedation dentist in San Francisco or who will refer their friends and family to your practice. Social media now brings you tools that help you search for unique clients. If you are using Twitter, for example, you can put #hashtags around keywords such as “needdentist”. You will see a list of potential patients pop up who are in pain and need a dentist. You might also find people who are talking online about a recent accident and direct them to your Twitter or Facebook page and show them articles about your company.

Step 2: Remember your Objective

You need to make sure everything you do within your social media marketing campaign meets your objective: to increase your clients for your Sedation dentist office.

Step 3: Have a Strategic Plan

Your plan will be based on your objectives. If you want to become the leading dentist in the city, then you want to focus more on local search campaigns. A professional medical SEO company can help you craft a strategic plan that best suits your objective if you are a Sedation dentist.

Step 4: Have Online Tactics

Your online tactics will include the following:

• Blogging through…

   – WordPress

   – Blogspot

• Micro-blogging through…

   – twitter

• Social networks like…

   – Facebook

   – LinkedIn

   – Google+

• Video social networks like…

   – Youtube

Step 5: Have Offline Tactics

Your offline tactics should promote your online tactics. Be sure to keep your offline audience connected to your online connection via:

   – Trade shows

   – Local health fairs

   – Conferences

   – Seminars

Step 6: Measure

You need to measure your return on investment with all of this social media marketing. Make sure that if you enjoy doing it yourself, you do. But if you would prefer to hand it off to someone else, you should hire a professional. Make sure you note the increase in clients and referrals as a means of measuring your success for your Sedation Dentist San Francisco business.

Many professionals might complain that they are shy or that they don’t have the time to handle a social media marketing plan. In order to effectively market you need to meet people and build relationships. However, so long as you conduct a great social media campaign you can quickly move your business into the public eye. You can start small and make social media practice a daily part of your office routine. If you don’t have the time you can always hire a professional to put together a great social media campaign for you. You can outsource things such as press release distribution or video propagation. There is no reason to let your fears get in the way now!