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How To Make A User-Friendly Interface For Your Self-Service Kiosk?

When there is an improvement in technology in the way business is run, there are three types of audience; i.e. those willing to use the technology, the undecided and those who are not willing to try the new technology. Likewise, when deploying a kiosk, there are those people, no matter how convenient the kiosks are, they would take so long to use the interactive kiosks. However businesses can design a user interface that would draw the undecided to the display on kiosk.

Following the below tips, you can rest assured that your self-service kiosk will attract a great number of users.

How To Make A User-Friendly Interface For Your Self-Service Kiosk?

a. Keep the easy decisions at the start of the process: When the users start using the interactive kiosk, it should be easy to start. The hardest part of the process should be saved for the end. Should the hard part be placed at the start of the process, the users will find so much difficulty and they are unlikely to continue to the interactive part of the process. A large number of users will abandon the kiosk before they can even continue to the second step if they find the first step is a hard nut to crack.

b. Make sure that the size of the buttons and the text is large enough for the users: when it comes to the use of self-service kiosks for carrying out transactions, the smaller the buttons, the user will perceive that the kiosk is complicated and unusable. The texts and buttons don’t need to be too large but at least the texts should be big enough to be read from a distance and the buttons need to be finger friendly for all body sizes. The larger the buttons the more impact the kiosks will be to the users.

c. The buttons should be spaced out: when spacing out the buttons, ensure that they are not so close to each other otherwise the users might get a very hard time trying to carefully press one button. This would result to the users terming the kiosk as a very hard to use and they could even discourage other people from using it.

d. Use small amount of words: Use of fewer words on the screen is likely to attract and engage more users. The texts on the screen should be short and direct to the point. Very few people are willing to read. All they want is simple and short guidelines on how to use the kiosks.

By following the above mentioned tips, and contracting a reputable kiosk designer, such as Olea kiosk manufacturers, you can be assured that your business’ self-service kiosk will be successful.