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How To Implement Green Practices If You Are A Small Business

  • Sep 19, 2017
  • Mack A
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Every business, small and large, can do its part in becoming more sustainable and therefore, “green.” If you are a small business that wants to emphasise green practices, you need to begin with your employees. Communicate to your staff your intentions of becoming “green.” Ask them to see how your competitors are taking steps along these lines, and have them report their findings. When you involve your employees, they will work out ways to assist you in being a standout “green” company.

How To Implement Green Practices If You Are A Small Business

Work with Local Vendors

You can also work with local vendors who are conscientious about reducing their own carbon footprint. By supporting other local businesses, you will offer added assurance to your customers that you are committed toward green practices. You can also upgrade your status as an environmentally conscious brand easily and practically.

Market Products Online and Use Recycled Paper Products

Other green approaches that can be used by small businesses include marketing to customers online and using recycled paper. It is important to go online and market your products or services, as direct marketing does not save paper. By using emails to promote your business, you can reduce the unnecessary consumption of paper and save trees. This same practice holds true when you use recycled paper.

When you use recycled paper, employees and customers instantly see how you can improve your business’s impact on the environment. Using recycled paper products enables you to print brochures and stationary that is repurposed, and therefore, it is a more sustainable practice.

Set a Bin Aside for Recyclables and Save on Energy

Besides using recycled paper, you can also make it a policy to set a bin aside for recyclables at work. By taking this step, you will lower the amount of trash that makes it into your area landfill. See about how you can save on energy as well.

For example, you can include lights in your office that reduce the cost of energy consumption. For instance, using LED lights or compact florescent lights (CFLs) is a better choice than sticking to traditional sources like fluorescent lighting.

In addition, using virtual staff for message taking or telephone answering can assist you in reducing your carbon footprint on the environment. You can use a message-taking service today to link to your other technologies, such as your smartphone and e-mails. Therefore, there is no reason not to take advantage of this type of service.

Stay Competitive and Practice Sustainability

An answering service provider that offers other services, such as reception, emergency response call handling, overflow call management, and outbound services, can give you that extra edge to stay competitive and practice sustainability at the same time.