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How To Choose, Rent and Make Cheap Phone Calls From A Satellite Phone

  • Jun 12, 2014
  • Himanshu S
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A satellite phone connects to orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell sites. The benefits of satellite phones have led to their popularity especially during warfare and disaster management. The service providers in the satellite phone market provide the facility to rent or buy as per your need.

Best Suited Satellite Phone

Satellite phones have ample leads over terrestrial phones as they are never out of coverage area and are a cost effective alternative while visiting other countries. In order to know the satellite phone that matches your needs you should have a clear idea of your requirements:


It provides unbeatable coverage and quality service. It is the only satellite phone that provides complete planetary service. Iridium also offers a service guarantee of 98% connectivity. Outbound calls using the Iridium facilities are at a flat per minute rate from anywhere on the planet. It does not charge any roaming cost for outgoing calls.


This provides the best services at a relatively lower price. It has an impressive range of low price phone models. Globalstar offers home area coverage at $24.99 per month. Home coverage area includes Canada, Continental U.S., eastern Caribbean and parts of Alaska. Roaming charges outside home coverage area is $ 1.39 per minute.


Thuraya provides another low cost option for satellite phones. Thuraya SO-2510 is the best priced model priced at $865.99. It is appropriate for customers looking for smaller and sleeker phones. Its features include GPS location tracking, fax, GmPRS and SMS services.

How To Choose, Rent and Make Cheap Phone Calls From A Satellite Phone

Renting a Satellite Phone

You can either rent or buy satellite phone. You need to base your decision on the length and frequency of your requirements. Renting a satellite phone is a better option when your usage is less than three weeks a year else you should consider buying one. Satellite Phone Rental companies also rent you accessories such as –

–          solar chargers

–           car antennas

–           universal charging adapters

 Satellite phone renting must be done with a trustworthy merchant and you should prefer using a prepaid connection for the same. In order to rent a satellite phone you can order online and get the desired product with the necessary accessories.

Not all satellite phones will work for all places. It needs to be ensured you choose the right Satellite Phone Service for the area or country you are supposed to visit. For example, Iridium service covers the entire planet, excluding only North Korea, but Globalstar is better suited for use in the US and Caribbean.

Making Calls at Affordable Rates

Satellite phone are a convenient alternative to terrestrial phones as they provide you liberty to travel internationally without losing contact. Satellite phone users travelling internationally need to take care of a few things:


Globalstar phones, however, have a US number(home area coverage), so if you are dialing a Globalstar sat phone from within the US, then you only pay for domestic long distance.  GlobalStar does not have global network coverage, therefore without a doubt it provides the least expensive way out.


A great way to save money when dialing an Iridium phone (which has an international number) is via the two-stage dialing method. This method allows you to pay regular US long distance rates, and you just get each minute used deducted from your rental or prepaid plan at regular rates.


Satellite phone should be chosen as per your need and the type of coverage you require. It calls for the need of budget friendly rental services and knowledge of the methods of cutting down the call rates of satellite phones.