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How Internet Helps In Moulding The Minds Of Young People

Since the advent of the Internet decades ago, young people are becoming increasingly connected to the so-called World Wide Web. Not so many years back, not every young individual is concerned about his or her online existence. Now, almost every young person has access into the Internet and is doing his own rounds of what has been dubbed as netizenship.

How Internet Helps In Moulding The Minds Of Young People

With the Internet providing young people with a new digital yet artificial environment, it is also safe to assume that, definitely, the minds of the youth are being moulded in one way or another. How? Ultimately, the Internet moulds the minds of the youth in two ways – either positively or negatively.

Positive Influence of the Internet

The Internet particularly helps shape the minds of young people by providing a good venue for learning. The Internet has been a good source of valuable information as well as learning materials. It is much easier and much faster to research the Internet for a certain type of information than siphoning through materials as provided in the library. Thanks to these information received online, young people could improve their test scores and at the same time heighten their motivation for learning.

The Internet also helps empower youth. It helps influence young individuals to take advantage of the technology to go out and promote their well being as well as reinforce their offline relationships. The Internet has also provided impetus for many youths to become aware of several issues that hound the society like violence, drugs, discrimination and sexual assault. The research for Internet information has allowed young people to become more knowledgeable of their surroundings as well as move according to what is being perceived as the best possible action.

Negative Influence of the Internet

While the Internet could positively mould the minds of young people, it also brings some negative influences. For instance, more and more people are becoming more addicted to Internet usage – including online games. Even when there is a need to stop using the Internet for a while, some young people cannot help but think about being online all the time. Some even experience negative emotions when they cannot access the Internet when they want to. This results to a number of negative effects like degrading relationships with family members, friends and the actual society. This also results to degradation of physical, mental and emotional health. Internet addiction may also result to lower grades, financial problems and poor interpersonal communication. Likewise, Internet addiction could lead to poor attitudes and some behavioural problems.

Likewise, uncontrolled exposure to the Internet could lead to online harassment as well as sexual solicitation. The so-called cyber-bullying has lead bullies to become more aggressive on their attacks on others and the bullies ones to develop a character or an attitude that is not socially, mentally or physically healthy.

There is really a big argument that the Internet impact the minds of young people. The Internet does really shape not only young people’s minds, but also their relationships, activities and attitudes. To read more new please visit our website E Search Technologies.