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How File Sharing Increases Productivity

File sharing is an excellent program for any business to invest in. It’s a cost effective method of keeping a business organized and documents stored for backup. It also enhances security on documents that need to be sent externally. Here are 5 specific ways file sharing increases productivity.

Keeps Documents Up To Date and Employees in Compliance

Many employees try to take shortcuts with documentation sent out to them. They save documents to their desktops and in email folders but forget to delete them when they are no longer valid. Having a file sharing program allows documents to be updated in one location for all staff to have access to. This keeps employees in corporate compliance. The documents can have further security features enabled such as preventing employees from downloading the document to their personal drives. Having access to the right procedures at all times eliminates mistakes.

How File Sharing Increases Productivity

Enhance the Efficiency of Team Projects

File sharing allows simultaneous viewing of documents. It also allows updates to be made to documents. When a team is working on a project a Project Manager no longer needs to track down files or contact employees to see where they stand in completing their tasks. They can also keep an up to date calendar and to do list available for all to see.

Presents Training Files to Employees

Many industries have regulatory changes far too often for employers to keep up with it seems. Some of these changes require a business to retrain their employees. It’s difficult to find the time to pull teams or departments and train them without disturbing the general workflow. A business can use their file sharing ability to send larger files such as pod casts and other training material to their employees and have fewer disturbances on the floor. Once the set of training materials have been completely viewed by an employee they can be checked off the training list. The trainer will receive verification of who has accessed all files sent to them.

How File Sharing Increases Productivity

Allows For Organized Auditing Records

Organizing files and preparing for auditing used to be such a hassle for human resource team members. As a basic feature offers auditing and tracking methods. Every document that an employee or client opens is tracked digitally. The IT department or Human Resource team can generate reports showing when compliance documents were opened and by whom.

Closes Business Deals Faster via Electronic Method

Email has always been a primary method of sending files to clients to review. Today’s technology has enabled digital signatures and they are widely accepted across most industries. Emailing however has a capacity of 2GB and the need to send anything over that could result in breaking a file a part and possibly losing data. The alternative to that has been sending documents to clients via postal mail and waiting to receive it back to close a deal. Using a file sharing system allows up to 10GB of data to be accessed and increases productivity in the workplace by closing deals within a day instead of weeks.