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How and Why You Should Use New Technology In Your Business

Technology is the driving force behind business innovation. Businesses in every industry are taking advantage of new developments to streamline processes, enhance service delivery, take advantage of new marketing initiatives, and much more. Here are a few reasons why you should use new technology in your business.

How and Why You Should Use New Technology In Your Business

Free Marketing

Internet technology introduces a whole new realm of marketing tactics, from social media to local directory listings. Most of these opportunities are free, requiring little more than your time. Consumers turn to the Internet before the phone book and use mobile devices for tracking local businesses and reading reviews.

Businesses are tapping into a global marketplace, providing services to customers outside of the typical geographic restrictions. Creating a website is only the beginning of what is possible with the Internet today. Many businesses use social media as a core marketing tool. Properly utilizing social media is extremely important for maintaining your company’s online reputation. Presentations by Michael Fertik can help teach you to manage your company’s online reputation.

Online pay-per-click advertising, and SEO are some other great forms of online marketing – all of which is possible thanks to technology.

Reduce Costs

Technology makes the world go ‘round at a much quicker pace. Sending snail mail letters is a thing of the past. Today, communication is instant and customers expect instant gratification. For example, email marketing provides a more affordable solution compared to direct mail costs.

Many programs offer built-in analytics for evaluating campaign effectiveness, while measuring direct mail results is more difficult. Fiber optic cable is one example of an innovation making today’s instant communication a reality, transmitting data using light at faster speeds than any other cable technology.

Reduce Barriers to Entry

Technology creates new industries. A few decades ago, the idea of a social media marketing agency was unheard of. Likewise, technology reduces barriers to entry in multiple industries, like publishing. Authors can get their work in front of millions of people without ever paying a cent for printing costs or getting signed with a publisher.

Mobilize the Workforce

Mobile technology makes working on the road more convenient than ever. Field service workers find customer locations quickly and easily with GPS, check in and order parts from mobile devices, and even file paperwork and reports without wasting gas driving back to a physical office location.

Streamline Remote Work

Remote work is possible thanks to dedicated internet access and wireless networks; today’s workers seamlessly collaborate with teams across miles and even oceans. Customer relationship management software and mobile workforce solutions make these things possible, with cloud-based software applications that automatically sync data to every connected device and user.

Provide Detailed Data to Consumers

Other technology innovations, like QR codes, provide consumers with robust data on physical products with a quick scan using a mobile device. These simple, scannable codes instantly provide access to a product’s description, costs, reviews, ordering information, and much more. Even service-based businesses use QR codes, offering discounts and location information by placing codes in magazines and on display ads.

There are dozens of compelling reasons why you should use new technology in your business and dozens of ways to implement it. Early technology adopters are usually one step ahead of the competition, implementing new ideas that engage today’s savvy consumers.