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Free Online Programming Schools

Is programming for you? I have no idea. But I do have a tip that could help you realize if you are a programmer at heart. Have you ever used a website, cell phone application, software or database and wondered how it was created and what type of scripting language was used? If so then perhaps you have some passion for programming. The great news is you no longer have to surrender to colleges that will leave you thousands of dollars in dept. W3schools on line provides full lessons, quizzes and tests that will certify you as a programmer. The best part of W3schools is that it is free and they offer so many different scripting languages to choose from.

Free Online Programming Schools


Some scripting languages taught at w3Schools include but are not limited to: HTML 4.01, HTML5, XHTML, SQL, XML DOM, JavaScript, HTML DOM, jQuery, ASP. Net, HTML Colors, CSS, CSS3, PHP, XSLT, Xpath, XSL-FO, Color Picker, AJAX, .NET Mobile, XForms, SOAP, RSS and so much more. They will train you in what ever scripting language you choose. The more you know the better. W3Schools divides its lessons into 6 different categories. The first category will teach you the proper way to code HTML. The second category deals with Browser Scripts like VB Scripting, JavaScript, E4X, AJAX and a few others. The third category covers XML.The Fourth focuses on Server Scripting. The Fifth category covers Web Services and the Sixth explains how to add Multimedia to Websites. You can start training by visiting their official website.


The training is free. You can learn as many different types of coding as your heart desires. To become certified however, W3Schools requires a $95.00 fee. Another cool aspect of W3Schools is how their training is designed. They allow you to practice coding right on their website. You will not have to download any software in order to begin. The possibilities after you finish it are endless. You can do whatever you want to do after and even make a career of writing homeworks for kids.

Try it yourself

On the link above you’ll find an example of how you will be working in W3Schools. They will provide you with multiple opportunities to test different types of codes and scripts in real time. You will be able to see first hand how your codes will look on the Internet. To me, that’s awesome. I had tons of fun learning HTML on W3Schools. Oh and did I mention that its all online? You can print out the lessons if you want. No one will stop you because its free. You have the freedom. The power is yours. Great potential rests at the tips of your fingers. There are websites and applications waiting to be written. Oh please, do learn. Learn how to code so you can save the world. Learn how to code so you can prove to the universe that face book is not the only way to socialize. We need new programmers in this world. Perhaps its time to visit W3Schools.


If you do decide to give W3Schools a shot, i suggest you grab yourself several bottles of water and some snacks. Each lesson might take some time to master if you are completely new to coding or the Syntax. So if you get discouraged and feel like giving up, hang in there. Drink some water, eat your snack, stretch your fingers and your neck, relax your face muscles and keep going.