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Enjoy The Best Halloween Apps For iPhone And Android

Halloween- Are You Ready For The Fun?

Halloween is the best time to have a lot of fun, especially with your kids who love to celebrate and enjoy Halloween. However, you can also have a lot of fun with the help of the special Halloween Apps which you can play on this Halloween.

This year, you should better try some new Halloween apps such as haunted house game, Halloween city, Make a Zombie etc. Halloween photo cards or perhaps you can also try virtual jack-o lantern.

One of the best things about the Halloween games is that it can keep your children busy. So, you should better choose the most popular Halloween apps for IPhone and Android which you can play in this Halloween. Have a lot of fun!

Enjoy The Best Halloween Apps For iPhone And Android

Learn About The Top Halloween Apps For IPhone And Android

With so many different kinds of Halloween Apps out there in the market, which one should you download? Have a look at the top Halloween apps in this post:-

Halloween Card Creator

Do you know Halloween Card Creator is one of the most popular Halloween game? This is because it gives you the option to customize the Halloween cards with the help of widgets or touch gestures. Furthermore, you can also choose some cool and spunky Halloween backgrounds.

From different fonts to vibrant colours, you get the option to customize everything. Either you can save the customized card on Facebook or through the mail. It’s absolutely free.

3D Pop-Up App

Obviously, you must have heard of 3D Pop-Up App in your childhood when every child used to have a pop-up book. Presently, everything is digitalised and you can now enjoy playing 3D Pop-Up App in its digitalised form. You only have to pay around $1.99. Moreover, it’s also the haunted house which is present in the 3D pop-up book.

There are around eight haunted houses which offer a lot of fun and entertainment to the kids.  From a skeleton to witch, monster, ghosts, these haunted house has everything for fun and entertainment. Your kids would simply love to explore the new things in the haunted house.

So, start your hunt for jack-o-lanterns. You can also meet the witch or may also go for a ride in a ghost train but keep your eyes open because there is a Dracula who is watching everything. Beware of the Dracula!


If you are looking for the best app which has everything, Halloween is the best option. With the huge number of ringtones, variety of wallpapers and costumes,this is an all-in app which you will simply love to play.

Hopefully, you will have a lot of fun in this Halloween! Download the app now.