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Email Marketing – Best Marketing Campaigns!

E mail marketing software has come as a boon particularly to the exporters of various products world over. With the appearance of e mail marketing the international trade has increased many folds. The web site is a doorway for knowing about any products. You can see the factory site, their machineries and layout through the web site. All information like capacity, products, quality assurance certificate, accreditations etc., that are required for assessing a company can be seen by a click. Rest is done through e mail. E mail talks forms a legal document and so is a dependable mode of business decisions. From Quotation for a product to Purchase order is done through e mails. However shipping documents are sent in original.

Email Marketing – Best Marketing Campaigns!

Transaction are made through LC or money transfer through banks.Every day as you open your inbox you find many mails offering some products or services. You may also find mails from old connection wishing you New Year or Christmas. These are all e mail marketing strategies.

  • Transactional e mail marketing is to drop information about some action taken like purchase or other confirmation or receipts.
  • Direct e mails are promotional messages to target customers. The company collect the e mail addresses to send direct information to the customers.
  • Sometimes advertisements are pushed along with some other business e mail to connect with the customers.
  • Opt-in mail is a method of sending mails with prior permission. Sometime you will find pop-ups asking you permission whether you would like to join in some scheme.
  • Nowadays, in order to protect privacy of users many countries impose legal regulations, in which case the opt-in mails may be a good choice.

Once your e mail campaign succeeds in getting a visitor, the next step is to enable him to hold on to your page. This is done by creating an Email Marketing landing page. It is nothing but a link provided in your e mail campaign. This link brings a curious visitor nearer to you when you must be able to satisfy him by offering your product. But remember he is in a hurry. So project with minimum sentences the most important features of your product, that fit with the visitor’s want. Preferably the landing page should not be your home page. You should be interested to focus only on the specific product and should not allow your customer to get distracted by unnecessary information. Remember the phrase, less confusion more conversion.

You should design your landing page similar in colour and get up with same headings and titles as the email and your home page, so that the visitor gets no scope to forget where he is placed.

In order not to overload your customer with too many information, create proper links highlighting the exact locations. Ensure that once the visitor clicks a link he should reach a place where his desired product stares at him.

The landing page should have the contact information of the sales person so that he may be contacted if required by the visitor. You may also provide buying option in the landing page itself so that direct purchase actions can be initiated from the landing page itself.

Now to concise, there are five priority elements of a landing page.

The head line should be able to represent the essence of your product. It should be able to isolate the customer’s basic problem with an immediate ground solution. Make it big and colourful.

  • Explain the benefits with minimum and pointed words.
  • Keep the purpose for the landing page crystal clear in your head.
  • Make it interactive by placing links next to the paragraphs.
  • Maintain privacy policy.

Author has been a content writer for the past 15 years and specializes in many forte, online marketing being one of them.

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