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Easy Ways To Get Instagram Followers

Instagram marketing is the latest phenomenon to grip web marketers and public relations professionals all over the world. Brands and celebrities have significantly enhanced the popularity of the photo-sharing network. Ever since Facebook acquired it in 2012, the number of users on Instagram has almost doubled to more than 500 million at the present moment. That’s because people can now use Instagram for uploading their photos and then sharing them on both the networks in one motion. Needless to say, if you want to promote a brand or any product online, you will need to create a strong marketing campaign on Instagram as well.

Unfortunately, generating followers on Instagram is anything but easy. If you simply continue to upload new pictures on your account in the hope of getting new followers, your exposure will be limited to your friends and the further shares that they make. Instagram now also allows users to upload short videos, like the ones made through “Vine”, so coming up with a decent strategy to accrue more followers is very important.

Easy Ways To Get Instagram Followers

There are many different ways to get Instagram followers. Here are just some of the most common methods that you can use to maximise your exposure on the popular photo-sharing app.

Make Your Account Public

One of the biggest mistakes that most users make is that they don’t realise that their account is private. When your account is private, only your friends can see what you share. That’s completely counterproductive to your aim of obtaining new followers. Go to your privacy settings and make your account public. This way, everybody can see what you share!


Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram also uses hashtags when filtering different photographs. Hashtags are basically used for highlighting trending topics around the world. At its core, a hashtag is a relevant tag phrase added to a photo, thus indicating what’s it about. However, it’s not just about popularity when uploading new pictures. If you simply follow trending hashtags, you might end up misleading users if you attach them to irrelevant photos or videos. Many will begin to “unfollow” your account as a result.

Regular Uploads

The best way to generate more followers on Instagram is to upload photos regularly on the photo-sharing network. Uploading at least one photo on a daily basis will give your followers an incentive to check on your account regularly. Dormant accounts seldom get any new followers. Another cardinal sin that users make when uploading pictures is that they don’t use original content. If you are regularly reposting others’ content, it won’t be long before people start looking elsewhere for original ideas. Posting fresh and new content is very important if you want to generate more followers in an organic fashion.

Use A Software Program

Perhaps the best way to generate more followers is to link your account to a marketing program. The program will regularly upload new photos at specific intervals and target users based on regions and specific niches. It’s a great way to increase exposure online and have your account active even when you are away. With the help of a high quality software program, you can generate more followers even when you are asleep!