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DVD Ripper For Mac Offers An Ultimate Solution For Converting DVD Files To Any Format

DVD Ripper for Mac is a software used for conversion of dvd format videos into any other format, which can be chosen from the number of formats available with the software. This software is highly stable with a real time preview for output of ripped files and supports a long range of devices to convert dvd files for.

Installation & User Interface

This software is easily available over the internet to be downloaded and used. After the download, the installation process of this software is also very easy and provides a very simple and user friendly interface. The software comes with highly supportive features, where all the buttons are marked to make their functioning clear to the user. There is a simple illustrative guide on the home screen of the software to help users learn how to use the software.


Features of the Software

This software is fully loaded with features that are included to make its use very friendly and valuable that are discussed below.

  • Variety of categorized formats: This software provides support for more than 100 formats in which the dvd file can be converted to. Itallows you to choose the desired format very easily by dividing formats into different categories.
  • Option to rip selected chapters: With this software, you don’t need to rip the complete DVD, if you wish to view only a particular chapter from it. You have an option of ripping the desired chapters of your DVD into the format of your choice with Aimersoft convert DVD to mov Mac.
  • Crop Videos: All DVD format videos are blacked out from sides to provide a different view, while most of us don’t like that part of the video. So, with this software, you can crop out the black part of the video and enjoy a full screen video for an enhanced pleasure.
  • Customizable settings for formats: With a huge number of formats provided for the dvd file to be ripped to, you can make customized modifications in a particular format to suit your video requirements. Although, default settings are perfect, this option is for those who have a deep knowledge of the matter.
  • Video Effects: If you don’t like the quality of the video file, you can alter the same by adding some visual effects to the video. Before finalizing any effect, you can also preview the results and make necessary changes before creating a final output.
  • Multi-format Ripping: This feature is considered to be a unique feature of this software. Fro, there are many softwares available in the market, but not all provide a feature like this one, where you can convert your file into multiple formats simultaneously.

Bottom Line

Overall, this software from Aimersoft is a very good choice for those who wish to get a professional experience, while converting their DVD files. The only lacking point observed with this software was a little lag in the conversion process with this DVD to final cut pro software. It provides an assurance of an ultimate experience of converting DDV files into desired format easily and with preferred customization.