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Don’t Get Bogged Down by Age: Look Young With A Perfect Makeup

Sometimes, aging can’t take its toll on us and can make us look aged, and while you can do nothing about the ever moving time, you can certainly fix your appearance and look younger with some handy tips.

Don’t Get Bogged Down by Age: Look Young With A Perfect Makeup

  1. Moisturizer: Even before you try anything else, do this one thing, now it is often told by many, but it is so important that it is important to repeat this single thing that can single handedly shove off some years from your age.
  2. Use a Concealer: As its nomenclature indicates, if used correctly, it can work wonders for your aging skin. All Celebrities do it right all the times, adds an UrbanClapmakeup artist, who has been working for years in exemplifying beauty of various models.
  3. Powder:It is often a misconception, that using it will make you look younger, well it is far from it, because it never does. Apply a little if you must, but never use it sparingly. Avoid heavy powder solutions, because it will only make you look older
  4. Avoid tweezing: Anyone who has been dealing with makeup will tell you that. We have been very careful though, to suggest you to avoid, because it makes your eyebrow look thinner, it wouldn’t reshape it! However, if it is absolutely essential, then go for it.
  5. Get strokes right: You might use the best pencil in the world, but it won’t work unless you hold it at a perfect angle. As you would know, the key is to get the stokes softer, so experts recommend a 45 degree angle from the base of the skin.
  6. Curl your lashes: It isn’t a rocket science. In plain English, you are just uncovering what you already have, and if you are in your late 30s, then it is something that you must do.
  7. Get brown eyeliner: You don’t need to tell us that you have been going black ever since you started makeup, that’s perfect, but not anymore, switch to brown. Why? Because while the brown eyeliner has impact of black, it looks less jarring, so there is every reason why you should do things the other way round. Old habits are hard to give up, but it’s essential that you make this exception.
  8. Shimmer: Get a little brightness, and it isn’t something that you should worry about, it’s just a part of life, just like getting older, getting spectacles etc. But gently put it and ensure that your eyes don’t come in contact with it. You can also get a makeup artist to do it perfectly for you.
  9. Mascara: One of the most subtle yet important parts of makeup is this. As you age, your eyelashes tend to get thinner. There is every reason that you stop using mascara with heavy formulas and switch onto something lighter.
  10. Highlighter: it’s the time that you get one for yourself, even if you never used one before. Because it will prevent flat face look and make you look younger.

Do these and you will look way younger and happier than you ever imagined, however it certainly don’t perfectly substitute a professional’s competence. You can easily get a makeup artist by download UrbanClap app and go on UrbanClap blog to get more tips and ideas about makeup.

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So don’t wait, pamper yourself with distinct makeup and look younger