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Do You Need To Learn How To Program A Computer?

As some point in your computer life, the question in one form or the other comes up about programming. The question seems to revolve around the theme that to get my computer and my online experiences to do exactly what I want them to do, do I need to learn how to program? The basic question you need to ask yourself is: To successfully make my computer and possibly my website do what I want, do I need to learn programming? The answer is a definite maybe. It really depends on what you mean when you say programming.

If your definition of programming means a bit of web programming like HTML and Javascript, yes. As some point, you’re going to want to edit a webpage either your own or someone else’s. It will be helpful to learn some basic HTML commands and the basics of Javascript. You don’t need to be an HTML programmer here. You just need to know some basic stuff about that web language.

Do You Need To Learn How To Program A Computer?

If by programming you mean software programming, the answer is no. Let’s assume you have no desire to learn a software language. Are you concerned that you can’t get a computer to do exactly what you want? The good news is there are plenty of freelance programmers who will translate what you need done and program it for you. There’s a website that’s available for you to use. When you visit this website, you put out a bid for a project you want completed. Professional programmers from all over the world will then bid, like eBay, on your project. You decide on whose bid you want to accept. Numerous people have used and continue to use this resource with wonderful results.

Your best course of action is to find your niche and go with that. The world is getting more and more specialized. Let the programming experts do the programming you need. Unless you plan to become a professional programmer, and get the formal education you need to learn it, leave the development to other experienced developers.

From a practical standpoint, it is dangerous for everyone to try to do web programming. The code can be very long and technical. You need to concentrate on the simple aspects of web programming. Making sure your website is secure is important. Making sure your website runs on all browser platforms. Making sure you website looks the way you want it to look. These tasks don’t require a huge commitment in terms of learning the HTML language. In many cases, it’s just common sense and close observation along with asking the right person for help. When that person explains things to you, you want to make sure you understand some of the specialized lingo used.

In summary, spend some time with the web language HTML and learn the basics of Javascript and forget about software languages unless of course you plan on becoming a professional software developer.

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