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Capture Autumn Magic With Henry’s Digital Cameras

While your kids might be mourning the end of summer and return to school, there is one thing that everyone in the family can agree on: with back-to-school season comes some of the most gorgeous scenes that nature provides us with all year long. With rich, rustic colours and a cascade of autumn leaves, the changing of the seasons brings plenty of prime photo opportunities that you’ll want to capture before the snow starts falling in the colder months.

Capture Autumn Magic With Henry’s Digital Cameras

Henry’s digital cameras and DSLR cameras are both the perfect tool to capture the autumn magic around you in photographs. The Olympus TG-870 16MP Green 5×3″ CMOS is built to endure all types of autumn adventures: whether you and your family are playing with the leaves outside, going on a Fall hike or sneaking in one last camping trip, the camera is durable enough to come along anywhere. Not only is the camera waterproof to depths of 50 ft (or 15 m), it’s also both crushproof to 220 lbf (or 100 kgf) and shockproof to 7 ft (2.1 m). To ensure that it could withstand even tougher environments, the camera was also designed to be dustproof and freezerproof to 14 degrees F (or -10 degrees C), making it able to last into the colder winter months as well.

While there’s no shortage of gorgeous nature to observe during the day, the Fall brings lots of beautiful nighttime scenery that this camera can capture too. For example, if there’s a particularly starry sky or exciting astronomical event you want to take photos of, you can rest assured that the TG-870’s nighttime Live Composite feature will showcase the best of what the night has to offer. This feature is able to take the brightest pixels from several images, creating one single image that features anything ranging from a lit-up city landscapes, or nighttime evening trail.

If you’re more interested in using video to capture moments rather than a 2D image, you can use the Nightscape Movie Mode, which expertly optimizes the camera’s video for a nighttime setting. This feature can also take cool time-lapse movies during the night. Want to tweak your photos and video just a little before you share them on social media? You can turn to the camera’s 13 art filters — which range from Watercolour, Grainy Film, and Vintage — to add the perfect creative touch to distinguish your work.

Now, you can purchase the Olympus TG-870 16MP Green 5×3″ CMOS online or in a Henry’s retail store for only $379.99.