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There’s no question that smartphones have changed the landscape of how businesses are run. For some self-made business owners, their entire business is run by their phone. It may seem ridiculous that such a powerful tool can exist in your pocket. Many business owners likely aren’t utilizing the full power of their phone for their …[ read more ]

March 27th, 2019
Best Ways to Run your HR

  • Posted Mar 27, 2019
  • Written by Mack A
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  • Business

Human resources have, in the last few years, become an essential part of workplace management. The sheer volume of resources needed to run an in-house HR department, though, can be off-putting. Instead of just going without a department for HR, though, you should engage with the alternatives. Have you, for example, ever considered using HR …[ read more ]

  • Posted Mar 27, 2019
  • Written by Mack A
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  • Business

Being technologically aware of the ways in which accountancy software can benefit you, or your small business is very important in the modern day. There is a wealth of accountancy software out there, and can be considered essential for any small business. Before you choose an accountancy software, it is important to establish what you …[ read more ]

As technology evolves, it affects our professional and personal lives in stunning ways. Consider that only a few decades ago, a typical office had only landline phones, typewriters, and no computers or Internet access. Today’s workers are mobile and more productive thanks to the incredible new technologies in the business world. Technology is also keeping …[ read more ]

Since the industrial revolution, manufacturing has been growing and changing to meet the needs of businesses worldwide. Businesses and consumers alike rely on the efficiency and innovation of manufacturers to keep quality high and costs low. As manufacturing processes change, so do the products we buy and how the world uses them. Here are a …[ read more ]

Many people are aware that the planet’s overall health has been declining over the years, but they are unaware of how the planet’s health has been monitored. The reality is that scientists and environmentalists use a wide range of observations as well as modern technologies in order to monitor trends in environmental health. These trends …[ read more ]

New technologies are introduced regularly and at a very rapid pace. While some innovations play a major role in your personal or home life, others have the ability to alter and dramatically improve the way you do business. While each company is different, there are some innovations that have widespread appeal and impressive benefits across …[ read more ]

When you think about incorporating advanced technology into your business operations, you may envision huge upfront costs to invest in the technology and even additional overhead to continue to use the technology. While there often is a cost associated with using technology, leveraging technology strategically could actually help you to improve your company’s finances in …[ read more ]

  • Posted Feb 1, 2019
  • Written by Mack A
  • Comments Off on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • News

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two of the most spoken words when it comes to the Big Data or Data analysis industries. Even though the two bare different meanings, they have been used interchangeably by most people. In a nutshell, the artificial intelligence is a much broader term than machine learning. Machine learning is …[ read more ]

Home technology is transforming the way we live. While some upgrades might make things more convenient, we can’t deny that plenty of tech is designed just for sheer comfort. From heated floors to luxe lighting, check out these five ways smart home technology can transform your home into the ultimate relaxation spot. Turn Your Bathroom …[ read more ]

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