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Best Streaming Devices For Netflix

Netflix is a popular online platform for streaming media such as movies and TV shows. It was founded in 1997 and it expanded into film production in 2013. Since then, Netflix has released over a hundred original TV series which you can find under the title “Netflix Originals”. In order to fully enjoy the quality of this platform, we recommend you to use one of the following streaming devices you will learn about in our Netflix overview.

Best Streaming Devices For Netflix

1. Apple TV

This small network device collects data from various sources and streams it on television. It allows you to stream media from Hulu, HBO, YouTube, Netflix and many other sources. So far Apple Inc. has presented us four generations of this entertainment device, each being more advanced than the previous. Apple TV has an appealing feature of voice search. The Apple Remote has a microphone button which allows you to browse movies and TV shows by voice search. Another interesting function of this feature is voice command during the streaming of media. While watching a movie you can simply ask “Who stars in this” and a bottom menu with main actors will pop up on the screen. Apple TV has also involved other Apple products in this by enabling Siri search. You can use your iPhone to command and control the streaming device. The Netflix app on Apple TV looks pretty much like on other streaming devices except that you cannot scroll through content categories as, unfortunately, Apple has not made this possible. Another thing that your Netflix app will be missing if streamed via Apple TV are trailers for movies and TV shows which you can see on other streaming devices. Other than that, Apple TV is a device capable of delivering high-quality streams.

Best Streaming Devices For Netflix

2. Amazon Fire TV

Unlike the Apple TV, this streaming device offers access to all the trailers and content categories that you can find on the Netflix app. The Fire TV remote also has a voice search function but it does not involve the Netflix app. You can use your voice to search only for Amazon titles whereas in the Netflix app you would have to rely on the keyboard. Surprisingly, Amazon’s Fire TV is not shown on the Netflix’s mobile app which is why it is not possible to launch and control it via phone or tablet device. Another important feature 4k video playback which is supported by this streaming device. HD streaming is guaranteed as well as all the other features of the Netflix app.

Best Streaming Devices For Netflix

3. Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast might be the most convenient of there three devices, you can judge that yourself. It is not controlled by a remote device like Apple TV and Fire TV are, it works completely differently. Chromecast is directly connected to the Netflix’s mobile app and allows you to select titles, browse movies and TV shows, search categories via your smartphone. This allows a feature that other streaming devices are lacking. You can search for a new movie or TV show to watch while you’re current show is still streaming. Unfortunately, the Netflix’s mobile app has not made trailers available yet so Chromecast users won’t be able to see them either. Fire TV is the only device which offers this feature.


A great streaming experience is guaranteed with all three above mentioned streaming devices. It is up to you to decide which one fit your needs best. If you take pricing into consideration, the best and most convenient option would be Google’s Chromecast for 35$. Apple TV and Fire TV are more expensive but come with more features. You can get them for about 150$ which is well worth it when you consider the benefits of having a high-quality streaming device.

  • Mar 15, 2017
  • KadyK
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