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November 4th, 2013
Best Christmas Gadgets


Best Christmas Gadgets

Christmas bells are just around the corner, and so it’s time to scratch your head and figure out the perfect gifts for all your loved ones. You have already figured out what to get your mother, daughter and sister (they have been dropping the hints all year long) but when it comes to your male relatives and friends, not that’s a real brain teaser. You cannot give them another sweater, because the ones you gave them last year, still lie at the bottom of the closet. So how about getting them something they can actually use for a change. One kind of gift you cannot go wrong with is electronic gadgets. Below is a list of Christmas gadgets you may want to consider.

Best Christmas Gadgets

An Outdoor Movie Screen:

If you cannot stand your husband and his boys screaming and shouting, while they watch replays of football matches that they has already watched, getting him an outdoor movie theater kit will be the perfect gift for him. This kit comes together with everything you will need to enjoy all your favorite TV shows and movies outside. It is also great for camping trips, family parties or any other festival you may want to host in your home. It will also make for a romantic way to watch your favorite movies, under the stars.

High Tech Ski Goggles:

If he is a tech guy, then getting these ski goggles with a built in GPS, will be the perfect gift for him. They weight just a pound, have a rechargeable battery integrated in them, have a flexible frame and are both comfortable and durable. These ski goggles allow you to see in real time how fast you are moving. They will also be able to provide you with details, such as the distance you have covered, the altitude you are at currently, temperature, jump times and a whole lot of other features. It will bring a whole new level of awesome tech fun, to his skiing experience and he will love you all the more for it.

Sports Headphones:

You probably know how annoying it is, when you have to stop your workout to re-adjust and put back your headphones, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes while you work out. If you do, then getting your athletic partner a pair of these sports headphones will make his Christmas. Theses sports headphones have a unique over the wire design that keeps the wires behind your body ensuring they are out of the way while you exercise. The cord length measures about 4 feet and delivers very clean, clear accurate sound. Whether its tennis, running, football practice or any other sport, this are the perfect headphones.

Electronic Dartboard:

If he is an ardent dart fan, then this is the perfect gift for him. The electronic dartboard has very striking colors, regulation 15.5 inch target and includes all you need to start playing your favorite game immediately. It includes a set of two darts and extra tips. It is suitable for up to eight players, comes with an built in battery operated LCD panel, sleep mode, automatic player changer, missed dart detector, a bounce out button and a one year warranty.

Hot Dog Toaster:

If you love hotdogs, then you would love this toaster. The hot dog toaster has a heat control that is adjustable, a hot dog basket that is removable, and drip tray that you can remove for easy cleaning. It also comes equipped with a pair of tongs and is super affordable. It will make for a great Christmas gift for your loved one, and they can treat themselves or their friends to some delicious hotdogs.

Football Alarm Clock:

If you are trying to gift a football enthusiast, who rarely makes it to work on time, then the football alarm clock is one of the perfect Christmas gifts. It has a very cool design and is ideal for both kids and adults. The clock has a built in alarm that can be set to a special sport setting, and allow you to wake up to your favorite sports sound. The read time display is large for easy viewing and has a nice, large snooze button.

A Funky Designer Wall Clock:

This sophisticated, classy and techy wall clock may be a bit pricey but is word every cent you spend on it. This ultra-modern gadget does not give you time in numerals instead, it shows your time in a statement form such as ‘it is quarter past eight’. It will be the perfect gift to wow your loved ones guests and comes in a range of colors.

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