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Being Green Isn’t Just For The Home: Saving On Energy In The Office

Being Green Isn’t Just For The Home: Saving On Energy In The OfficeIt’s amazing, how much energy is used by a single business throughout the year. According to the recent report, “Energy Consumption in the UK” report released in July, the demand for energy in the services sector, which includes commercial office space, has changed very little over recent years, despite industrial and domestic energy usage showing massive improvements.

The key thing to remember is that while people at home are happy to change energy-related bad habits, the same thing should be said about those in the office. Our responsibility for our planet and the environment shouldn’t stop at the office car park. There are ways to save energy and be green all around you, including in a normal day at work.

Let’s start from the moment you leave the house for work. Do you drive there? If so, do you have to drive there? It’s amazing how many cars on the road don’t actually need to be there, with many people choosing to drive over walking or using public transport due to sheer convenience. Of course, it’s not easy to say no to your car, so perhaps carpooling would be possible? The office could have a scheme which helps to team up employers who live in a similar area – sharing a car ride to work can save on energy use through fuel and save you a bundle on petrol because your fellow poolers will be contributing, too.

Once you’re at work, there’s a whole host of ways in which you can be a little green. From having motion sensor lighting in the corridors which only switch on when they detect movement, to only turning on lighting in the office that needs to be on for staff to work. Does that light really need to be on in the toilet when someone isn’t in there? Probably not.

Computers and other electrical equipment is also a major issue in the office, especially when their users forget to shut them down after the working day is done. Not every piece of electrical equipment can be turned off at night, such as servers, phones and routers, but getting into the habit of turning everything else off can really help to save on energy.

During the summer months, there’s absolutely no reason why the radiators should be on and if they are, the thermostat should be turned down. Equally, staff shouldn’t be reaching for the air-con unit every time they feel a little sweaty – open a window and use what is naturally available!

Little changes make a big difference. It’s up to you as an office business to be a little greener, just like you are at home.

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  • Sep 3, 2013
  • Deeson Arnibal
  • Business