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Backing Up Your Computer With Data Centre Space

Do you backup your computer with DVD’s, external hard drives or some other old age method? Well today this stops! Many years ago used to be just for the rich and they used to use one whole entire warehouse to backup one single business or company, this is because these rack mount server used to be absolutely massive! Here is what data centres look like today:

Backing Up Your Computer With Data Centre Space

As you can see one single rack can fit around 50 servers, this is a phenomenal amount of space to have, and just think, these warehouses have at least 1,000+ of these racks this adds up to around 50,000+ servers.

Renting Space…

These warehouses allow you to rent space, this is very ideal for backing up your important data off your computer or laptop! Quite a lot of people now use this method for backing up as it has a lot of great features, let’s look through some of them…

  • Fast Internet – Data centres have fast T1-T3 Internet connections which means when transferring files it will be at lightening speed!
  • Security – They have round the clock security including 256 BITS encryption on files that are being transferred, they also have physical security such as motion detectors, infrared sensors and also round the clock CCTV.
  • Backup – Even these guys backup their own data (which is also yours)!
  • Low Costs – Nobody can put a price on their data! Data centres really are not that expensive to rent either, at least you know your data will be 100% safe.

These are just a couple of the features that every centre possesses, each data centre will also have their own features they throw in for their customers to set themselves apart from other, this can include things like mobile support or features such as adding email support so you are able to simply email documents right to your space.

Basically, if you require a backup of your home or business documents then a bit of data centre is for you, they will allow you to store literally anything so long as it is within the laws of the country your data centre is located.

Bio: My name is Jeff and I have worked data centres for most of my working life, I have worked in lots of different countries using my skills to support the backbone of the Internet and keep data centres running smoothly. I recently opened my own one up which you can see over at by Citrix.