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Apps Available To Help Boost Your Productivity

are apps designed to help you stay productive throughout the day. While some may use their phones strictly for personal entertainment, a variety of apps exist to increase productivity and help you stay sharp in the professional world. Everything from calendars to complex planners can be managed right from your smartphone or tablet. With so many options, it might seem overwhelming. Many people underestimate the advantages of using personal smartphones and tablets to stay on top of the professional game. Whether you’re self-employed or work for a major corporation, the following apps will help you manage your time efficiently and increase your productivity.

One of the coolest new apps on the market is Everest, a “live your dreams” app available (right now) only for iOS products like the iPhone. This app allows users to input their dreams, everything from writing a novel to climbing Mt. Everest (hence the name). Once inputted, users can then create “steps” to achieve the dream, and the steps can be as general or as specific as necessary to accomplish the dream. What’s more, a section within Everest includes “challenges,” which anyone can accept and add to their list of dreams. Everest also features community support and the ability to share your dreams with friends and other users. This app goes beyond a mere “To Do” list. Instead, it hones in on specific steps and goals, allowing you to manage your dreams step-by-step.

Available for Android an iOS products, Evernote allows users to find and collect a lot of information and store it in one easy location. It’s like having a constant supply of sticky notes, plus multimedia options as well. Using Evernote, you can compile information to use immediately or later. Like the popular online pin board Pinterest, Evernote lets users cut and paste things they see for future use. If you have an idea while you’re browsing, Evernote can record that, too. See an interesting video on YouTube? Evernote will let you save the location so you can view it later. It’s an all-in-one virtual notebook full of your ideas, things you like and things you need to follow up on. Even better, everything on Evernote can be linked to different devices via cloud storage, so you’ll always have your information readily available.

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Also available for Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, Bump lets people easily and quickly share contact and other information between smartphones. This handy app eliminates the need for sending separate emails full of text and multimedia, and it reduces the need for those pesky business cards you never can find. People who use Bump can simply “bump” their phones together and share information directly from phone to phone. Bump also works from phone-to-PC, which allows you to access and share information from your smartphone to your computer, which saves time and effort when you need to share a lot of information.

Evernote, Everest and Bump save you time and energy, which in turn makes you more productive and efficient. By keeping all of your information in a set location and being able to share it quickly and easily, you’ll stay ahead of the game at work. Everest will help you manage not only your personal dreams but your professional ones as well. Using these apps is a surefire way to boost your productivity and stay viable in today’s ever-changing market.

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  • Apr 13, 2013
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