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Antivirus Test 2014 For Safe Personal And Business Online Transactions

  • Oct 7, 2013
  • Alice Aires
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Antivirus Test 2014 For Safe Personal And Business Online TransactionsAll computer users, individually or businesses, are advised to install a highly efficient antivirus on their computer if they want to ensure safe and secure online transactions. In the absences of the software that is particularly designed to keep at bay any malicious attempt to invade your privacy and security, it is almost impossible to work safely on computers with net connection. Hence, antivirus test 2014 becomes extremely necessary to perform when you are planning to equip your PC with the latest antivirus software. You need to keep some aspects of testing the antivirus software before making a purchasing decision.

The market is today full of antivirus software for different requirements. The software comes in varied features and prices are set accordingly by the manufacturers. Such plenty of the software availability with ease is often confusing to the layman when the user scans the market for a proper antivirus even for simple PC use.

One of the sources of knowing about antivirus before performing antivirus test 2014 is the reviews that you can read online on several websites. While these reviews will give you necessary information about features of a particular antivirus, do not make your buying decision based on these reviews. This is because most of them are purposely written to promote the brand of antivirus and affiliate programs are used to enhance their sales online. Hence, use the reviews for primary information gathering and not for final selection of the software.

Many antivirus companies lure the users through providing them free anti virus trials. You can make a good use of them as they too are efficient in protecting your computer from piracy and theft of data. But they come with limited features and may not be reliable to protect from many other attempts of invasion from the malware’s.  You can put an antivirus test 2014 also on these trial versions before installing them. You can choose to test the full or partial version of the software as is your requirement. Let the trial version continue with your computer to see its results before you uninstall it. Most of the companies offer their trial antivirus for 30 days and after that you need to buy the software.

However, when you put the software under your own antivirus test 2014, a parameter to find out its efficiency and utility is to know the impact on performance of your computer. While an antivirus will detect the virus and eliminate it as it is designed mainly for this purpose, you need not to worry on this front. You should particularly need to know if the software is slowing down speed of your computer. Some free trial antivirus software is heavy and require lots of usage of computer resources such as memory. Such antivirus should be avoided if your computer has a smaller memory. Alternatively, you can opt for the antivirus if you are willing to install additional memory in your PC.

One of the antivirus test 2014 designed by the European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research [EICAR] also can be put to good use when you need to judge the efficiency of your installed antivirus. The process is simple to use and it involves dummy virus that you can make. Though it is not an actual virus but it is useful for testing the antivirus. The dummy virus that you will create has a string of any characters but antivirus will take them as real virus and detect them.

For this antivirus test 2014, you need to copy and past in your notepad or other text editor the following string of characters – X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H* and do not add anything to this string. Do not save the file as a simple text and instead try extension such as EXE or COM. An antivirus with real time protection capability should detect this dummy virus automatically. You can also scan the file manually if you disabled the real time protection feature of your antivirus.

Antivirus test 2014 should be able to maintain a good speed of internet surfing, composing the text, working online and host of other purposes such as running videos. Since many brands of antivirus are available for a free trial, have them installed on your computer for a certain period to judge their efficiency of maintaining your computer speed besides protection from virus invasion. Note down the key features and overall efficiency of several free trial antivirus. This will help you in selecting the one antivirus software that is suitable for your personal computer.