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Adspert Presents The Big Bang Machine

In 2012, $289 billion-worth of shopping occurred online, with 44% of all online shoppers beginning their digital experience using a search engine. The practice of pre-shopping online and digital price-checking is likewise on the rise. The internet, in other words, is rapidly becoming the medium for commerce, with Google at the center of all that online activity.

Businesses understand this, which is why over 1 million companies used Google AdWords to advertise more than 1 billion products in 2012. What businesses don’t always understand, however, is how to get the most out of their advertising budget.

Launched last year, Adspert’s Big Bang Machine gives company a vehicle to maximize their online advertising potential without devoting unnecessary resources to gain the technical expertise needed to manage a digital marketing campaign.

Adspert Presents The Big Bang Machine

As Adspert COO Harald Bartel explains, “the Big Bang Machine is designed for companies that want to utilize the full power of SEA [search engine advertising] optimization without investing a ton of time and money, that still want control of their ad content and direction, but don’t want to get bogged down in actually creating and positioning the ads. ‘You focus on the product, and let the Big Bang Machine sell it,’ is what we told our Beta users, and the tool has been running smoothly and to great effect.”

The Big Bang Machine is an online dashboard that gives companies broad control over Google AdWords campaigns while taking care of the technical intricacies automatically.

Users feed the program specifications and goals, along with information regarding the product, and the Big Bang Machine takes care of the rest, using advanced algorithms to create the ideal advertisement to reach the broadest audience at the lowest price. User

“It really is that simple,” says COO Stephanie Richter “There is an entire network of algorithmic analysis crunching an immense amount of data, making sure the ad reaches its target audience, but on the user end, the whole process can be completed in less than five minutes.”