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A Few Observations On Flag Counter

I have come across a very interesting aspect of a webpage by the name of Flag counter and would like to share some insight on the same. Flag counter is a new concept which has been launched globally and is quite popular in the world of internet and media. The targeted audiences are mostly the people who spend a substantial amount of their time on the internet. Flag counter is equally beneficial for these people in terms of their professional and personal profile.


Flag counter allows its users to create a free account and post it on their website. You can use Flag counter on practically all the websites which support images. And these days, the existences of the websites which do not support images are next to negligible. So it would not be incorrect to state that Flag counter is available to everyone on a global platform.

A Few Observations On Flag Counter


Flag counter is a very user-friendly when it comes to navigation of the website and installation of the same on your webpage. The general version of Flag counter is free of charge. However, if you would like to customize your Flag counter, you would have to upgrade it for a minimal fee. It is a very good thing that Flag counter allows upgrades and customization, especially for people who are very particular about the outlook of their website. For instance, for a writer who prefers to keep his website minimalistic and subtle in appearance, would not prefer a clogged segment reflection on his home page. So Flag counter would allow him the benefit of customization.

Furthermore, it is very easy for the visitors to let the owner know that they visited the website. They do not need to click on anything or leave comments anywhere. The moment they land up on the home page, flag counter gets updated automatically. For instance, if I visit a global website which has a flag counter, the moment I open that page, a flag of India will be added to the existing flag counter. The owner will automatically get to know that his/ her profile was viewed by an Indian.

The best part is that flag counter gets updated real time the moment a new visitor is detected on the website. In certain circumstances, there could be a delay, but it does not take more than 5 minutes in these scenarios. So a person using flag counter does not have to worry about any visitor who left without a trace.


It is very simple to manage and maintain your flag counter, especially because there is nothing that you need to do manually. All the activities pertaining to your flag counter are recorded automatically. However, if you forget your flag counter code, you need not worry, as it is very simple to recover it. All you have to do is follow some simple instructions on “Modifying Your Flag Counter” tab, and you can easily retrieve your HTML code for your flag counter.

Another important thing that cannot be ignored is the fact that flag counter will be automatically removed from your website if no signs of activity are detected within a period of 30 days. The reason behind doing so is to ensure that the enterprise would prefer to devote its resources to other websites which are more active, rather than investing them on a dormant account. However, the upgraded (and paid) version of the flag counter stays active irrespective of the number of activities on your page. Since Flag Counter Pro is a paid service, it guarantees its presence despite the records which states that it is not being used.

You can choose the number of flags you want to be portrayed on your flag counter. In most cases, people start with 10 or 12 of their favorite countries, or those from where they expect the maximum number of visits. However, you can increase the number of flags to a lot more, to be precise, up to 255. Doing so is a good way of tracking international activities on your webpage. It also ensures that a visit from a certain country is not overlooked by you.


Keeping everything in mind, it would not be incorrect to admit that flag counter is indeed an amazing concept. The people who are using this are all praises for it. They are completely satisfied with flag counter and vouch for the accuracy of the information generated by flag counter. To be honest, there isn’t a better way of portraying the popularity of your webpage than a flag counter.

  • Sep 11, 2013
  • Rachel Joyce
  • Internet