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7 Ways To Get Free Wireless Internet Access

Wireless internet is one of the best things technology inventions; not only can you access the internet on your laptop, tablet computer and Smartphone without the need for sometimes irritating cables, but you can also enjoy the internet at high speeds.

While there are a lot of cheap wireless broadband internet providers today, the reality is that there are millions of people who want free internet access but can’t pay for it for one reason or the other. Good news is that you don’t need to be rich to use the wireless internet. In fact, you can still get wireless internet for free without having a cent. This article shares 7 ways to do this:

1. “Discover” Hidden Networks

A great way to enjoy free wireless internet access is by searching for hidden networks to connect to; you’re probably wondering, how you can connect to them if they’re hidden.

The default wireless network detector on most computers isn’t going to be sufficient; you can install software like NetStumbler on your PC or iStumbler on your Mac. Both applications are free and they’ll help you find all necessary details about available wireless networks you won’t have found with the default wireless detector that came with your computer.

2. Your Smartphone

7 Ways To Get Free Wireless Internet Access

Another smart way to get free wireless internet is by using the wireless feature of your Smartphone.

Most mobile service providers will probably give you free internet with your mobile subscription or it might be part of your mobile package; however, by paying again for internet on your PC you are not making the best of this.

You can get free wireless internet by turning your mobile phone into a “hotspot.” In other words, this will automatically send wireless signals from your mobile phone using the internet package that comes with your mobile subscription.

While you’ve already paid for this, you’re still saving money you would have otherwise paid for internet on your PC so I think it’s safe to say you’re getting free wireless internet.

3. Coffee Shops

Whether it is your local coffee shop or a big coffee shop like Starbucks, there are probably a lot of coffee shops around you where you can get free Wi-Fi access.

Also, Starbucks seems to be everywhere in most developed countries so getting free Wi-Fi can be as simple as driving to the coffee shop.

If you’re a loyal Starbucks customer, you can get as much as 2 hours of free wireless internet access every day.

4. Fast Food Restaurants

Just like coffee shops, fast food restaurants will also often provide you with free wireless internet access. This is often the case if you’re dining out at a big fast food restaurant like McDonalds.

5. Leverage Other People’s Effort

7 Ways To Get Free Wireless Internet Access

Just as you’re looking for ways and places to get free wireless internet access, there are millions of people who have in the past wanted the same and have gotten this. A lot of these people are willing to share their findings with you, as a result making it easy to find relevant wireless networks to connect to.

For example, We-Fi  is a service with millions of users who have found over 150 million wireless hotspots all around the world; it’s free to install on your computer or mobile devices and you can easily access millions of hotspots found by other users. Majority of these networks will allow you to connect for free and you’ll often be able to choose which network to connect to depending on your preference.

6. Get a Wireless Extender

In most cases, the problem isn’t that there are no free wireless networks available but the problem is that you can’t find them. This is often as a result of the limited capability of most in-built wireless adaptors that come with most computers.

To make the best of wireless networks around you, you might want to try getting a wireless extender; not only will this increase the range of the networks you can find and access but you’ll also find the signals you get to be stronger.

7. Libraries around You

Another way to get free wireless internet is by visiting your public library; most libraries will not only allow you to read available books but they’ll also have a wireless network you can use to surf the internet. Look for libraries around you to see which ones allow you to access the internet for free.

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  • Aug 28, 2013
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