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7 Smart Gadgets That Could Save Your Life

We all want to be healthy and safe in our own homes, and much of the new smart technology coming out addresses this very concern. From improving your fitness and diet, to recognizing when you need immediate medical attention, these smart devices are not only handy but could very well save your life one day.

1. A House that Tracks Your Vitals

The University of Florida created technology that would keep track of a patient’s health information, such as blood pressure or temperature, and automatically keep their physician up-to-date as long as they were in the house. The technology could also update a loved one on the status of an elderly or ill relative.

2. Medical Reminder Apps

We’ve all forgotten to take a pill or two, but for some conditions, forgetting to monitor a condition and take pills at the right time can have severe consequences. Apps like Glucose Buddy and GluCoMo will remind users to check and record blood sugar levels. The Pill Tracker app reminds users when they need to take their pill, which can be especially helpful while traveling.

3. All-Purpose Medical Instrument

Let’s say you are not feeling well but unable to go to the doctor, or you wonder if your problem is even serious enough to warrant a visit. Many gadgets now act as medical instruments that attach to your smartphone and then transmit the results to your doctor. A smart blood pressure cuff allows your phone to read your blood pressure, and a smart blood glucose monitoring system attaches to automatically sync up results with the smart app.

4. Emergency Response System

Philips Lifeline offers a personal emergency response system called GoSafe. The device will recognize if you or an elderly family member has fallen and automatically summon for help if you don’t signal the device that you are ok. The device uses Wi-Fi and GPS to determine your exact location, so family members can easily find you.

5. Track Your Fitness

Fitness tracking devices have become quite popular, with many brands, including FitBit, offering wearable and fashionable trackers that monitor your exercise and sleep. The stats can then be transmitted to your iPhone for review. The device also allows users to set fitness goals and will keep updated on their progress.

6. Control Your Weight

7 Smart Gadgets That Could Save Your Life

We’ve all heard about the health risks of being overweight, but sometimes we need a little help to learn health habits. The HAPIfork is meant to help users learn to eat slower, a method found to improve digestion and promote weight loss. The fork keeps track of every time it touches the plate, and if it touches twice in less than ten seconds, it will vibrate at you to remind you to slow down.

7. Automatic Lighting and Security

7 Smart Gadgets That Could Save Your Life

Many home automation manufacturers offer automatic lights and security camera systems that you can control from your smartphone. The app allows you to see if the lights have been left on and turn them off from bed. Lights with sensors can also automatically turn on at a lower setting if you get up in the middle of the night, keeping the elderly safe from tripping and falling. Automated security cameras can also be controlled by a smartphone, letting you turn them on or off from anywhere and even access the camera to see who is at your front door.

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