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7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Consider Unlocking Their Cell Phones

  • Nov 14, 2013
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The invention of smartphones several years ago changed the cell phone industry forever. These phones are no longer simply a device you can talk and text on, they are small computers that are capable of a multitude of tasks. However, unlocking a cell phone provides many advantages for the user. Let’s take a look at seven of the biggest reasons to have an unlocked cell phone:

Seven Reasons Why Everyone Should Consider Unlocking Their Cell Phones

1. Easy International Travel

People who make frequent trips to foreign countries are able to use their unlocked cell phone very easily because it is not a problem to change the SIM card they are using. The majority of cell phone providers charge their customers international roaming fees for using the phone in a different country than where the phone’s contract was originally signed. In order to avoid these expensive fees, people like to use a SIM card for a provider that is based in the country to which they are traveling. Unlocked cell phones enable you to do this.

2. Changing Cell Phone Providers

When a cell phone is locked, that means that it is limited to a single provider. An unlocked phone gives a person the flexibility to choose any provider that he or she wants. If a person is not happy with the sound quality of calls or the service offered by a provider, they can change the SIM card to one made by a different provider.

3. Saving Money

If a provider raises their rates to more than a user is prepared to spend, the user can easily change to a provider that has lower rates. Another advantage is the ability to use the discounts that are frequently offered by providers as a way of competing with each other.

4. No Contracts

People do not like to be forced to stay with a company for a specific amount of time. They want the freedom to stop using a phone or provider when they choose. An unlocked cell phone gives you that freedom, with no early termination penalties if you stop using a provider.

5. Higher Resale Value

Unlocked phones have a higher resale value because people are able to sell it at any time, to any person. There is no need to wait until a contract is finished. Since the cell phone is not connected to a specific provider, the person buying the phone is free to start using it immediately.

6. Software Updates

Locked phones restrict people so that they can only use apps and software made by the cell phone provider. Unlocked cell phones allow people to use any app or software that want, no matter what company produced it. This gives a person the ability to keep up with all of the latest advancements in technology as they come along.

7. No Hidden Fees

Cell phone providers are notorious for the high number of hidden fees that they bury in their customer’s bills. People using a locked cell phone are held hostage by their provider, being forced to pay additional fees for services like text messaging and data. If the provider raises their rates, the customer under contract has to pay. However, people using an unlocked cell phone can change providers when they wish or pay as they go.

With all of these advantages, one has to wonder why anyone would use a locked cell phone. Unlocked phones give people the freedom to travel, change providers and use the apps and software they want very easily.

  • Nov 14, 2013
  • EditorOne
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