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7 Fundamental Tips For Running The Most Successful Outbound Call Centre Campaign

  • Dec 11, 2017
  • Ryan
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Although the inbound call centres are no less preferred in the markets today, outbound calling tactics are still considered to be the most strategic campaigns. The reason being that an outbound call centre promotes a strategic plan to reach their targeted customers. A well-designed plan works better in attracting customers rather than handling impromptu calls. Executing the right plans at right places and on appropriate platforms help you to gain a boosting traffic with higher revenue and sales. Well established companies possess outbound calling executives making a planned list of calls every day and reaping comparatively higher benefits.

In this fast-moving world, customers are expecting a fast delivery service that gives an impeccable solution to their queries. While so many platforms being available today like emails, chats and text messages, people still welcomes those personalised calls that can give them a quick and precise solution to their queries. The most important task in the outbound calling campaign is to create an ultimate script for answering customer’s calls and then executing that scripts in the most cost-effective manner.

Here are some top-notch campaign strategies to consider:

Plan your schedule:

It is indeed an easy point to jot, but as a matter of fact, it is one of the most important campaigning factors. Plan your day, date, and time according to the market value. According to a research, the most favoured time to set a calling campaign is soon after the brunch, i.e., between 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Moreover, the worst time to call any prospect is in between lunch timings. Those times are the most distracted ones and a person has already sorted the day’s work. Also, take advantages of the nearby events and occasions if any.

Elude call latency and lagging time:

One of the most ignored factors when focusing on outbound call centre is the call lagging or the latency times. Agents usually neglect these small factors, but as a matter of fact, call latency is the prime reason for customers to hang up the calls or getting easily frustrated.

However, the outbound calling campaigns choose to go for a distributed network where an automated dialer already aligns the next caller as soon as the former one ends.

Shadow and share key findings:

Every organisation has some of their best potential agents, who excel in each field and has optimum solution for every little query. Therefore, they can their strategies, plans, ideas, route the newer agent’s steps, and so on. Managers can monitor the calls while the agents are in between calls and give feedback for improvements.

Identify the common properties:

Outbound campaigns can be sometimes difficult as you are not getting the prospecting candidates for an organisation. Today might not be your day but some days would have had been quite appealing in terms of lead prospects. Identify the common properties that enticed the maximum gentry or keep tracking your webpage traffic.

Keep a standby script ready:

There are organisations who are creative even if they serve hundreds of calls each day. With time your scripts can be monotonous and hence, not interesting enough to attract a large number of leads. But in order to run a successful campaign, you need to have a stand-by script ready for your customers. In case, the call is not moving in the direction you thought so, immediately switch the topic of discussion and make the conversation interesting.

Focus on the connection:

Try to connect with your customers. Effective calling campaigns have agents who have an excellent quality of connecting with their leads or the prospects. It is an excellent way to attract customers who are living in the remote areas as the agent is able to feel a customer’s problem, their expectation from your side, and their happiness after you contacting them. Therefore, in order to drive a successful career in this field, you need to be people’s agent.

Provide a simple solution:

Sometimes company builds a contact centre that are either too big to handle or inevitably small for carrying out a process. Purchasing blocks of architecture and unable to streamlining the process or creating a whole inside-sales team in a small room and no room for expansion is equally unfit for your organisation’s growth. Therefore, the idea of outsourcing the inbound call centre is generally the best one to consider. Outsourcing campaigns have a series of right tools and experienced agents who can optimise the solution and give you the most appropriate solutions.


The key to successfully set up an outbound call centre campaign is to have a proper plan and skilled agents ready to serve their customers. There are limitless campaigns held each day. Therefore, be worthy enough to not to be an option but choose to be people’s choice.

  • Dec 11, 2017
  • Ryan
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