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6 Pieces Of Technology That Are Just Plain…Weird

Everyone has a moment where they wish there was a gadget for that tedious chore, or a cool invention to simply make life more interesting. It might surprise you that some of the weird things you wish for, actually exist!

6 Pieces Of Technology That Are Just Plain...Weird

We gathered six of the world’s weirdest pieces of technology.

1. Robot Lawnmower

Mowing your lawn just became easy and fun, not to mention cool! As the name suggests, the Robot Lawnmower is a mini-robot that actually mows your lawn while you can sit back, enjoy and control it with a remote. The company actually believes that the Robot Lawnmower can operate unsupervised since it has specialized sensors preventing it from crashing into things (like Roomba) and automatically moves to the charging station when charging is required. And if that isn’t convenient enough, the robot sends a text message to your phone if it encounters any problems.

2. Massage Controlled PlayStation

The Massage Me gadget is a great way for guys (and girls) to multitask. This device is ultimately a type of body suit that is designed to act in conjunction with a PlayStation console. Effectively a person wearing the suit will receive a delightful back massage as the person playing PlayStation uses the suit to control the game. Not only can you enjoy your game, you can also treat a loved one to a relaxing massage. Genius.

3. Solar Bikini

Charging stations have never been sexier. The Solar Bikini appears like quite a normal bikini but the exterior material is actually made from mini photovoltaic solar panels. The bikini is also fitted with a 5-volt output, allowing you to charge devices such as your iPod from the energy obtained through the solar panels. Not only does the Solar Bikini allow you to catch a tan, it also helps you to use renewable energy in a sexy way.

4. EyeSeeCam

Maybe the everyday user won’t see the full utility of this technology, but everyone will surely be amazed at its coolness. The EyeSeeCam looks like a pair of extravagant reading glasses but with a major twist: the device allows you to control mounted cameras with your eyes! It is believed that this mind-blowing device will be useful for entertainment industries such as video game development and even sciences – for example, for doctors who teach operation procedures. What is most surprising about the EyeSeeCam is that it only requires a basic laptop with a 6-pin FireWire port to record.

5. Disinfection Scanner

The Disinfection Scanner resembles a small mobile phone, but serves a very different function as it is used to kill germs. If you fear something is germ-infested, just scan over the area with your pocket-sized device. The Disinfection Scanner allegedly kills 99.9 percent of viruses and germs through its specialized UV light. It is known to be perfect for surfaces like beds, carpets, couches and more, which could be host to potential germs and microorganisms that are unhygienic.

6. Beauty and the Geek Jeans

At the moment, the Beauty and the Geek Jeans are still in development but trendy geeks all around the world are hoping that it hits the market soon. Whoever said that clothing should be functional sure got the message through to someone. The Beauty and the Geek Jeans are wearable pants, which connect your pants wirelessly to your computer. The pair of pants has a built in mouse, keyboard and built in speakers. Wearing pants around the house has never been so functional!

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Alberta is a writer who would love a pair of Beauty and the Geek Jeans. She currently rents from Flexirent for her technological needs – unfortunately, renting these jeans probably isn’t hygienic.

  • Oct 31, 2013
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