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5 Tips To Grow Your Business On Twitter

You run a small business and you have mastered the basics of social networking: frequently you tweet, you have created an account on Foursquare and Facebook page is complete and regularly updated. But how to the next level of mastery of social marketing?

5 Tips To Grow Your Business On Twitter

Below are 5 Important Tips to Stand on Twitter:

 1. Create a user Interaction

Plan your tweets with a platform like HootSuite or Tweetdeck can be a great way to regulate the social sharing of your company throughout the day. However, this is important to pay attention to all the answers your tweets can generate. Monitoring the conversation is just as important as the initial tweet, if not more. “Twitter users have a short attention span, so it is important to respond as quickly as possible.”

2. Become Familiar with the Hashtags

Familiarize yourself with the platforms that allow you to build flow around phrases or hashtags relevant to your business. This way, you always have one foot in the social network. The hashtags are a great way to prolong a conversation on a specific topic.  You can even buy some instagram followers, which helps to create workflows which, follows a specific hashtag, providing an easy way to create content and collaborate with other tweets. For example, if your company makes custom guitars, you may follow a hashtag dedicated to music.

3. Improve Listening Skills

The mark of a successful social development is having a lot of “followers” who tweet about you using your Twitter account (@ yourcompany), but you cannot rely on all users to do so. If you are sure that the tweets mentioning @ yourcompany, you’ll miss a tweet like “I think your company is the best there is.” is a little known site that allows users to make real-time research on the social web. Perform daily searches on your company name and refine the search results to tweets, just to see that talks about your company. “You can also save your search standards and add variations of your company name to expand your search angle.

4. Give a Human Dimension to your Tweets

Although the majority of your tweets probably deal with your company, it is important to build a personality, a human beyond the wall face tweets. “The last thing a company wants to do is spam his trade with tweets. “We need to exchange ideas, information and inspirational quotes from time to time in order to build a community around what your company offers. Try to tweet at least five times a day and spend one or two of these tweets to redirect users to the website of your business.

5. Assess Track your Links

Determine the return on investment of social networks can be a real challenge, especially for small businesses that do not have the time or resources to devote to complex analyzes. There are free tools that can make this task a little easier. “A URL shortener allows users to create links Bitly shortened URL for all available online. Create links that can be used each time you send users to the website of your business. “This will allow you to estimate the number of people who will click on your link.