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5 Surefire Marketing Ideas That Do Not Cost An Arm and A Leg

In the dynamic field of marketing, things often change with lightning speed. Although this poses a vital challenge, internet has also leveled the playing field, introducing many free and inexpensive tools. Alas, when creative ideas run dry, the business struggles to keep the pace with competition. In order to gain an edge, you require killer marketing concepts that stand up to real scrutiny. The best way to proceed is to add real value to customers and treat them with appealing, helpful content.

5 Surefire Marketing Ideas That Do Not Cost An Arm and A Leg


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the centerpiece of any digital marketing strategy. Namely, optimizing the website goes a long way in ensuring the boosted visibility and traffic acquisition. What is more, with the constant algorithm updates by Google, it became clear as a day that there is a strong shift towards quality. So, craft swell content in order to step up the lead generation, and enhance the user engagement and conversion rates. Put the focus on the local arena if you sell products and services there. The ultimate goal is to forge an impeccable online experience to appease both the search engines and the potential customers.

Content marketing

Content marketing deserves to be addressed in a bit more detail. Insightful, problem-solving pieces of info are treasured by online users, and serves as a backbone of your digital presence. Try to produce short, business-related videos, as well as DIY infographics, and pull people in using the allure of the visual splendor. Professional YouTube videos require hefty funds, but it has been proven a countless time that even a smartphone can produce a viral effect. Also, places like Reddit are excellent for covering extreme, specific niches and adhering to the needs of narrow audience.

Get yourself connected

Online communication platforms do not make good old face-to-face interaction obsolete. In fact, there are certain things you cannot convey via digital channels. Strive to meet people in real life and attend free events, weekly networking, contests, and local shows. Feel free to host a workshop or class and print flyers for community bulletin boards to attract attendees. Take every opportunity to get media attention and speak publicly. Seek other businesses in your industry and propose a partnership or joint project.  If you do not witness the expected results, take the marketing to streets with inexpensive guerilla tactics.

5 Surefire Marketing Ideas That Do Not Cost An Arm and A Leg

Social channels

The social media landscape has skyrocketed in recent years and evolved into a powerful marketing platform. Image-heavy networks in the league of Pinterest are excellent places to engage in visual storytelling and Twitter is unparalleled in terms of user engagements. Generally, accounts on major communities can be utilized as customer service tools, as they provide a means of communication with the customers. Brands find new ways of connecting with people and other companies: The moment you see a social media agency from Sydney helping startups from the Europe gain traction of Facebook, you realize that the possibilities are virtually endless.


The art of blogging sits on digital pedestal, and presents an extraordinary tool for building authority. It allows you to make a name for yourself and share valuable content with readers. Thus, pay attention to attention-grabbing photos, length of the articles, attached links, deployment of keywords and striking imagery. Those making baby steps need to get into guest blogging and set up an empowering network of contacts and links that allow a head start in the booming blogosphere. Finally, keep in mind that the synergy of website, blog and social accounts is the driving force behind efforts to spark attention of the online community.

The perks of being resourceful

In the today’s interconnected world, there is a place in the marketing arena, even for those who do not have lavish budgets. Embrace proven marketing ideas give a push in the right direction and promote your business far and wide. So, establish a relevant blog, set up accounts on the big social networks, and come up with a steady stream of quality content.  Be a valuable resource for the local and internet community and cultivate meaningful relations with the customer bass.