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5 SaaS Tools that Can Be Essential and Efficient for Your New Cloud Business

  • May 21, 2013
  • Angelina37
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5 SaaS Tools that Can Be Essential and Efficient for Your New Cloud BusinessSoftware as a Service (SaaS) or on-demand software is a part of cloud system that aims at delivering the software by hosted it centrally on cloud. However, a SaaS business is offering much more than only the software. In fact, it also includes the services that are required for getting the product up, training the users, and for ensuring security. A SaaS product is usually accessed via a thin client available through a browser. In past few years, SaaS has become a standard for several business applications, such as CAD, Office, DBMS, and virtualization. It has probably changed the way businesses deliver their software to the end users. This is the reason many talented pros are considering to initiate their own SaaS service. However, one of the essentials for starting up such a business is the support of collaborating tools that can ensure a smooth running of SaaS delivery. So, here are those essential tools to consider for having a new but efficient SaaS business.


Without an instant and proper communication, no team can reach up to its target or goals on time and with dedication. Therefore, a tool for proper communication is essential, especially if your team is remote. This is where this tool comes into the picture for communication all day long with different people of your team. It is swifter than e-mails and that it comes with some free schemes for small teams.


Hosting is another essential service for cloud apps or services. As a fact, cloud hosting is somewhat a more expensive matter than the normal one although it depends on many factors such as hosting server and service provider. So, rather than paying big upfront fees for hosting on a dedicated server, you can choose to take the advantage of pay-on-demand services such as Amazon EC2. There are many such services that aid you in setting as well as monitoring your servers and databases. This means that your team can easily concentrate on other core tasks. Now, this is a great relief to you and your team!

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Is there a cloud app in your new SaaS service that aims at sending e-mails to the targeted customers? If yes, then you can consider using an efficient e-mail service such as Amazon SES. Having such a tool in use is better than managing private e-mail servers in terms of efficiency. It is actually troublesome to peep into the logs when something goes wrong, isn’t it?

Server Monitoring

How about taking care of your servers remotely from your comfortable cabin in office? It would be surely great to track any performance issue remotely as well as in real time. This is where the New Relic tool will entice you! Just run this app to supervise your servers for ensuring great ongoing performance.

Customer Monitoring

It is useful to analyze how new people are using your service or software and how they are converting into leads. A tool called KISSMetrics will allow you to track this!

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