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5 Office Gadgets That Make You Say Wow

Usually, working in an office can seem very dreary compared to other jobs, leaving many workers stressed and bored while waiting for the hand to finally tick over to five o’clock. There are a few ways to help fight off this drudgery, however; one great way to break the monotony of every other office in the world is by introducing a few nerdy office gadgets that are both fun and surprisingly useful at the same time.

5 Office Gadgets That Make You Say Wow

1. USB Cup Warmer

When it comes to getting through each work day, coffee and tea are often part of the solution. Anybody who enjoys a good cup of Joe will not be able to manage the work day without this nifty little device. All you need to do is plug the cup warmer into an available USB port and it’ll keep your drink at an ideal temperature for another half hour.

2. USB Fridge

On the other hand, some people prefer having a nice, cold drink to accompany their work day. Enjoy a cold soda without having to get up or leave it in the company fridge where someone might accidentally pick it up or shake it around. With a USB fridge, you can plug it into your computer while you work and chill a can as you go on about your day.

3. USB Portable Paper Shredder

It seems like any office gadget can be powered by USB cables these days. Now you can add a portable paper shredder to the list. Everyone in the office knows how much space a standard one takes, so why not get this portable device to quickly annihilate those secret work documents that you no longer need? With a little luck, this little device could join the Walkman and the Kinect in the list of most innovative products.

4. Out of the Box Work Station

Even when employed by an office, you might be an employee who is frequently on the go within the building. When this happens, you would benefit greatly from the portable work station, which comes on wheels for easy transport and allows you to store the papers you need to keep with you as you go from one end of the office to the other. It even comes equipped with some electrical outlets so that you can plug in your phone or laptop to minimize inconveniences.

5. Perpetual Calendar

According to the Houston Chronicle, the clock is one gadget that people just can’t live without. In the same line of thinking, it would be pretty difficult to make it without a proper calendar. Why not replace the old calendar with the perpetual calendar, which is a unique design that uses small spheres to display the current date. You can mount this device on the wall or just place it on your out of the box work station while you work on the go.

These are just some of the many different nifty office gadgets that are available.

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  • Sep 18, 2013
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