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5 Most Anticipated Gadgets Of The Year 2013 By The Geeks

As the year 2012 came with innovation of technology in the form of the first tablet from the Microsoft, 3D printing, cheapest computers and many more, it is quite expected from the year 2013 that more evolved form of technology will be present. Below are mentioned top 5 most anticipated Gadgets that the tech geeks are most excited about and eagerly waiting for.

1. Google Glass

The latest innovative technology from Google will give you the best experience of being connected to your network through your eyes.  You will be connected with the help of the internet and have the display on one of the glasses. You will get a complete segment of features such as weather reports, Google maps and messages all on one screen. Along with this, a camera is capable of taking the pictures and recording videos. There is no need to hold any device and all activities are done through your eyes.


2. Xbox 720

The latest member in the Xbox series will be the right showcase of innovation and customer usability.  The device will succeed the Xbox 360 and will have the ability of recording the live TV along with the Blu ray features. The most significant rumor about this gadget is that the console will be having a quad core processor having 8 GB RAM. The specifications make it the most powerful console in the world giving the best experience of the 3D gaming. It is anticipated to be launched in the summer of the year 2013.


3. Nest Thermostat

The device is expected to have a mind of its own and with the help of which it can program itself as per your temperature maintain habits. There are many other features, which are added to make the device a complete set of automatic features. It can sense the presence of any individual and maintain the temperature accordingly. Along with this, you can control it manually from your mobile phone from some distance and you will notice the drop in your energy bills in a short time period only.


4. Oculus Rift

The latest technology released in the form of the headset by the Oculus is even better than what you see in the movies. The headset can be connected to a number of devices including your PC to provide you the best virtual gaming experience. There are features of tracking your head movement and then giving you the best angle of the virtual gaming up to 110-degree angle. The device has received the best reviews by many experts on the gaming field.


5. Basis Band

The band is placed on your wrist and you get all the monitoring required to maintain a healthy life. It will give you the reading on the heartbeat as well as sweat level. Along with this, you will be notified of any changes that occur in your heart rate and you will also get to know the number of calories you have burned while performing any exercise.


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