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4 Elements To Look For In An Online Resume 

Technological advancements have changed the face of employment in many ways, including how people create and view resumes. From hiring professional resume help to seeking out editing services, online resources have allowed those seeking employment to create dynamic portfolios. If you are ready to create talented, skilled teams for your company, there are four elements that you can search for in an online resume that can showcase a prospective employee’s talents and experience in a way that a printed document never could.

4 Elements To Look For In An Online Resume

1.    A Video Greeting

A video greeting, which is usually anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute in length, can break the ice in a way that might make a face-to-face interview less awkward later on. The greeting should have a businesslike air without being overly formal. The individual will likely introduce him or herself and then move on to career goals, past work experience, and what he or she wants to achieve in the future. You may want to cull resumes with poorly-recorded or rambling greetings.

2.    Writing Samples

Brief downloadable writing samples allow you to browse a professional content creator’s style and voice. Search for interactive and mobile-friendly content that can be accessed via laptops, tablets, and smartphones so you can read the samples on your own time. Highlight portfolios that include a variety of samples which illustrate a hire’s range, such as copy for a marketing firm or blog content that displays savvy social media management skills.

3.    Links to Creative Content

Live links allow you to view the kind of interactive content that displays it best instead of looking at photos on a printed resume. The colors are truer, and you have the chance to browse the sites prospective hires have created instead of simply reading about how they have utilized these skills, such as HTML coding and graphic design, in the past.

For example, if you are looking for someone who can build or improve your business website so it runs seamlessly on mobile and follows all SEO rules for Google, being able to access and browse sites prospective hires have created in the past can give you an idea of their individual skills and how they might have overcome certain design issues that you may face with your own page. The more details and features you can interact with, the better you might gauge whether a designer will fit in with your own creative wants and needs.

4.    Links to Business Profiles

Professionals who add links to sites such as LinkedIn to their online resumes allow you to access their past history, education, and other business details instantly. It can also allow you to see who they network with and whether other companies in your field have recommended or endorsed them. This can be a highly useful tool and may help you save time sourcing the most qualified people.

Online portfolios and resumes can offer you a glance into the core of your prospective talent pool. While face-to-face meetings and asking the right questions are also important during the hiring process, a dazzling and dynamic online portfolio can tell you a great deal about a possible hire as well.

  • Aug 13, 2018
  • BudiMulyadi
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