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3D Awards – The Next Big Thing?

Awards are one of the most effective ways to recognize company employees for their hard work and dedication. Far too many executives allow their employees’ work to go unnoticed; therefore, it doesn’t give them any incentive to strive for excellence. Something as simple as a basic plaque could be all it takes to give your employees the drive to continue pushing themselves at work. In recent years, though, 3D awards have been gaining popularity because of their highly detailed and unique appearance.


So, what exactly are 3D awards? As the name suggests, these are three-dimensional awards that come in a wide variety of the styles and designs. Most of the 3D awards available are constructed into sculptures like bulls, globes, eagles, dolphins, etc. Unlike traditional awards, these are fully detailed from all angles, allowing for a more complete look. When it comes to quality, high-end recognition, there’s simply no better choice than a 3D award.

Uses For 3D Awards

3D awards can be given out on a number of different occasions. As previously stated, companies oftentimes give them out to employees who go above and beyond their “normal” call of duty at work. If you run or operate a business, perhaps you could set goals for your employees to try and reach. If they successfully reach those goals, you can throw a small party where you hand out their awards. Employees want to feel like they are getting some type of recognition for their hard work, and giving them a 3D award is the perfect way to do so.

Of course, 3D awards can also be given out to students who excel at certain academics. It’s not uncommon for schools and universities to hand them out for exceptional grade-point averages. Alternatively, students with perfect attendance can also be recognized with a 3D award. Don’t assume that recognition awards are only useful for good grades, as there are several other factors that make an excellent student.

Advantages of Choosing 3D Awards

The main benefit associated with 3D awards is their highly detailed appearance. Wile there’s nothing wrong with a traditional plaque award, it doesn’t have the same vibrancy as a full 3D model one offers. People want to show off their award for others to see, and a 3D sculpture is the best type of the job. The only downside is that you can’t hang it directly on a wall like a plaque award. You can, however, strategically place it on a shelf or desk where it adds style to the surrounding decor.

Another reason why 3D awards are becoming so popular is because of their personalization options. Instead of handing out some general award with no real personalization details, you can have a 3D award laser-engraved with the recipients name and achievement on it. This adds a great deal of character to the award by showing the recipient it was made especially for them. Most reputable award companies offer free engraving with the purchase of a 3D award.

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